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One Man, One Mission, One Season: Update

Adam at a recent stop in Seattle

For those CSC readers who go way back, I'm talking all the way back in like June, you might recollect a young man from Britain named Adam that I befriended and who was planniing on doing something all of us wish we could do: go to 35 NFL games in one season including one at every stadium in the league.

Well the season is underway and that means Adam is out there on the road probably heading toward a town near you very soon. For those of you who don't know about Adam you can get more info from his website and from part one and part two of our interview together. If you haven't already been doing so, you should definitely keep tabs on him every day at his website as he travels the country, talks to fans and lives his dream through the ultimate football fan experience.

But wait, there's more! Adam and I have been in contact all summer since our first interview. Through a few emails over the internet and inspired by one single passion, Adam and I struck a friendly deal. When Adam's trip takes him to New Orleans in November to see the Saints take on the Packers on Monday Night Football, he will be attending the game with me in Section 108 while I show him a good time and give him the full Who Dat experience. In exchange, Adam is taking me to the Saints game against the Chargers in London on October 26th. I have already booked my flight and made my hotel reservations. Thats right, CSC is going international baby!! I am incredibly excited to be in London for this once in a lifetime experience and I will surely be taking lots of pictures and keeping all of you updated right here on CSC as my weekend unfolds.