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State of the Nation...SB Nation

One of the things I would like to start doing a better job doing is keeping you updated with league news other than info about the New Orleans Saints and whoever they happen to be playing that week. I also think we could be doing a better job to take advantage of the entire SB Nation community that we have here at our fingertips. After all, if something big happens in Who Dat Nation you expect me to cover it don't you? Well our other SB Nation football blogs are no different. So forget ESPN, Rotoworld, CBS Sports et. al. You've got everything you need right here under one roof.  Once a week I will put together a few links from SB Nation's other talented writers at SB Nation's other great blogs about some of the bigger and more interesting stories of the week. This will help keep all of you guys in the know all and also promote cross traffic between all of SB Nation's great blogs. So without further ado, let's get into it!

Windy City Gridiron - Charles Tillman and Jeremy Trueblood were fined for their antics on Sunday against the Bucs.

Pride of Detroit - Matt Millen is gone! Now what?

Cat Scratch Reader - The Panthers are playing the Falcons this week and they are excited.

Big Blue View - Plaxico Burress' fine was cut in half.

Turf Show Times - Things continue to heat up between Marc Bulger and Scott Linehan

Dawgs by Nature - Do the Browns have any faith in Derek Anderson?

Baltimore Beatdown - The Ravens offensive line is looking good.

Big Blue Shoe - The Colts are getting healty.

Battle Red Blog - Texas knows what its like to recover from a hurricane.

Gang Green Nation - The Jets will be wearing blue jersey's this weekend!

Silver and Black Pride - Saint, the Raiders blogger, is mad and wants an apology.