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Niners @ Saints: Official Injury Report

Check out the official injury report for Sunday's matchup. This was taken from the San Francisco 49ers official website. This information was no where to be found on the Saints official website. Surprise.


San Francisco 49ers

Name Position Injury Wednesday Thursday Friday Friday Status
Jonas Jennings Tackle Shoulder  Out  Out  Out Out 
Shawntae Spencer Cornerback Knee Out   Out  Out  Out
Keith Lewis Safety Knee DNP  DNP  LP  Questionable 
Michael Lewis Safety Knee DNP  LP  LP  Questionable 
Bryant Johnson Receiver Hamstring DNP  DNP  LP Questionable 
Dashon Goldon Safety Knee LP  LP  LP Questionable  
Donald Strickland Cornerback Knee LP  LP  LP  Questionable 
Frank Gore Running Back Coaches Decision DNP  -  -  
Walt Harris Cornerback Coaches Decision DNP  -  -  

New Orleans Saints

Name Position Injury Wednesday Thursday Friday Friday Status
 Marques Colston  Receiver  Thumb DNP    DNP  DNP OUT 
Aaron Glenn Cornerback Ankle DNP  DNP  DNP  OUT
Randall Gay Cornerback Hamstring DNP  LP  LP Questionable 
Mike Karney Fullback Ankle DNP  DNP  DNP OUT 
Mark Campbell Tight End Hamstring DNP  LP  LP Questionable  
 David Patten  Receiver  Groin  DNP  DNP  LP  Questionable 
 Jeremy Shockey Tight End  Hernia  DNP   DNP  DNP OUT 
 Troy Evans Linebacker  Ankle  DNP   DNP  LP Questionable  
 Aaron Stecker Running Back  Hamstring   LP  LP  LP  Questionable 
Jammal Brown Tackle Hip LP  LP  FP Probable 
Terrance Copper Receiver Hamstring LP  LP  LP Questionable  
Antwan Lake Defensive tackle Groin LP  LP  LP Questionable  
Scott Fujita Linebacker Knee LP  LP  FP  Probable
Jonathan Goodwin Center Hamstring - DNP  LP Questionable