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Place Your Bets

4,370 yards? (Photo Source)

When it comes to sports betting, it always amazes me how many different things they create odds for and allow you to bet on. The guys in Vegas would probably bet on their own mother's funerals if they could. I got a little email the other day from the guys at letting me know all the odds on anything and everything Saints. While I am not a bettor myself, some of you may be. At the very least, it's always interesting to see what they come up and what they think about our team this season. These guys make a heck of a lot of money on this stuff, so you better believe they do their research.

Team Odds

Odds to win the 2009 Super Bowl XLIII

New Orleans Saints 16/1

Odds to win the 2008 NFC Championship

New Orleans Saints 7/1

Odds to win the NFC South Division

New Orleans Saints 6/5

Win Totals

New Orleans Saints Regular Season Wins

Over 8.5 -150

Under 8.5 +120

New Orleans Saints Regular Season Home Wins

Over 4.5 -155

Under 4.5 +125

New Orleans Saints Regular Season Away Wins

Over 4 -145

Under 4 +115

Player Performance Odds

Drew Brees Passing Yards

Over/Under 4370

Drew Brees Passing Touchdowns

Over/Under 27.5

Reggie Bush Rushing Yards

Over/Under 650

Reggie Bush Average Yards Per Carry

Over/Under 3.7

Reggie Bush Receiving Yards

Over/Under 550

Reggie Bush Total Touchdowns

Over/Under 7.5

Deuce McAllister Rushing Yards

Over/Under 475

Deuce McAllister Total Touchdowns

Over/Under 4

Marques Colston Receiving Yards

Over/Under 1200

Marques Colston Touchdowns

Over/Under 10

Devery Henderson Receiving Yards

Over/Under 420

Robert Meachem Receiving Yards

Over/Under 500

David Patten Receiving Yards

Over/Under 520

Jeremy Shockey Receiving Yards

Over/Under 675

Jeremy Shockey Touchdowns

Over/Under 6

Will Smith Sacks

Over/Under 8.5

What do you guys think about these? What stands out to you? Where would you put your money? After looking at some of these, I am very tempted. And hey, some of those team odds look pretty good!