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Fantasy Football Post on Fake Teams

Hey guys! Recently, SB Nation asked all of it's football bloggers to write a quick post over at Fake Teams, our Fantasy Sports website. I bet you didn't even know we had one of those, did you? Anyway, they asked us all to write a little something about who we think will be the best fantasy player and best fantasy sleeper from our respective teams. You can check out who I picked right here. I am curious to know what you guys think about my selections. Do you agree? If not, who do you think should be up there? For those of you who play fantasy football, I highly recommend you check it out. I am sure there are quite a few nuggets of information there you can pick up. It might also be time for you to poke around and check out many of the other features here on SB Nation that you have always been curious about but never took the time to explore. I am willing to bet there is a lot here that you never even knew about.