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Buccaneers @ Saints: Game Predictions


I think it's time we try and start getting back into normal mode again so without further ado, I bring to you our weekly prediction thread. But of course, first things first. Let's give props to last weeks winner as voted by you. This one was a squeaker, as Satchmo26 barely edged out Steve the fan and Stujo4 for the win. I notice that we don't get too many votes on those polls, so if anyone has any input to make this post better, I would love to hear it.

Now that we've got that out of the way, it's time to reveal last weeks predictions from the Miami game, decide who got it right and who got it oh so wrong and put it to a vote.

Member Name Prediction Analysis

PT will break of a healthy kickoff return, at least 35+

Pierre will also have an avg of over 5 yds per carry one at least 8 carries, and one for 20+

the kicking battle will not be any easier to determine because they both hit a field goal and the youngin’ boots one for a touchback and one to the 12 yard line(yeah, I’m going ALL out on these)

Meachem turns out a solid night with at least 3 catches

Let's all give it up to asaint for making his first prediction. Unfortunately, it sucked. Please try again this week!
Grumps Jeremy Shockey finally plays and has about 4 looks…catching three…
Lance Moore has the most yards receiving of the Saints…
Aaron Glenn stands out from the secondary with a few big plays…
Palko has two pass td’s and an interception…
Saints D stalls the H2 but allows Ricky “i likes my pot” Williams to run for a decent average…

I'm afraid not.


Deuce gets 8 touches. No need to use him up.

Lots of PT#23 signage around the Dome. Fans demand more playing time for him.

General consensus is our 2nd/3rd string plays pretty well and we all take on a false sense of security regarding the Saints bench. The word “deep” gets thrown out a lot.

Mehlhaff and Gramatica still virtually tied. More shots of Martin on the sidelines not smiling.

Overall, Palko stinks it up.

Pushrod draws ANOTHER penalty.

Coach Gibbs is not shown on the sideline or in the booth. If he is glimpsed on camera, he is not identified by the announcers. He takes no questions after the game. Has anyone ever actually SEEN this guy? Or is one of the giant flag carrying boys running the Saints D

Saintsational Dave holds up a sign saying “Gibbs Gumbo” and is escorted to the Girod Street gutter. Fiance Erin stays in her seat and cries while calculating eBay value of her remaining season tickets.

Stu was going for the funniest this week it appears. The only one I can give him is his Palko stinking it up prediction, which was so accurate it got Palko cut.


Reggie gets a couple carries—if he plays at all. Same goes for Colston
if reggie does play hell get 4 carries for about 19 yards and colston 3 receptions for 36

Thomas has a few carries and a few yards, nothing spectacular

Stecker has a great game

Porter Returns a INT for 30+ yards

Game is fun but we lose for some strange reason

Nope. The game was NOT fun, but we do lose.
Steve the fan
1. Riding a surge from being picked by steve the fan in the CSC fantasy draft, Mighty Martin The Machine Auto-Matica Gramatica will explode, cementing himself not only on the Saints roster for 08-09 but for a spot in the coveted National Football Hall of Fame. Give the man his light yellowish color jacket!

2. The TMG will appear to a chorus of Bronx cheers and will appease the unclean masses by displaying the proper technique in becoming the greatest TMG ever.

3. Shockey will get tossed from the game for doing his best Kyle Turley impersonation.

Gramatica does win the spot, but not because of anything he did. More from what Mehlhaff doesn't do!

1. Henderson will drop yet another well thrown ball (Hey, it worked for me last week so I might as well throw it out there again as a sure bet). If he does drop another one this game, Payton and Loomis will be forced to shop him around for any possible trade partners. There are many teams out there in need of WR’s.

2. The defense, although not as good as last week, will hold the Fish (correction: Ocean Mammals) to 10 points or less.

3. Payton will again decide to not play Shockey tonight and thereby cause the Buc’s to have a harder time game planning for week 1.

4. Deuce will play on one or two drives and run for 20 to 40 yards. He’ll pound one in for a short yardage TD.

Jesus, Satchmo!! You have some sort of uncanny psychic ability! Henderson DOES drop another well thrown ball. Payton DOES sit Shockey yet again and Deuce runs for 30 yards, exactly between 20 and 40! How many children am I going to have? I don't even think this one needs a vote!

For funniest prediction, I'll throw it to Grumps for his Ricky Williams nickname. I know Satchmo26 enjoyed it. Keep it up Stujo4, you'll win one of these days.

With the short week last week, I had to post the prediction thread on game day and therefore we didn't have much time for everyone to make them. Hat tip to everyone who still managed to get them in on time. This week, I am leaving plenty of time for everyone to get in there, so be sure to speak up and unleash your inner Ms. Cleo!

We're playing for keeps this time. This is now the real deal! With the starters playing the entire game, it should be easier to make your predictions. So let's see what you got. Let 'em fly!