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Bucs@Saints: Prediction Results


I have decided to move this post up in the week as I think that's a better time. That being said, it is now once again time to give a shout out to last week's most clairvoyant CSC reader and once again it is the omniscient Satchmo26, who was pretty dead on. Satch, you are making this look easy. Maybe you can give some other people a chance to win, geez!

Here is what you guys thought would happen in yesterday's game.

Member Name Prediction Analysis

1. Colston will have a 100+ yds and a TD

2. Brees will throw for over 300 yds

3. Bush will not have over 30 yds rushing

4. Ellis will have a sack

5. Meacham will have 35-40 yds receiving.

6. Saints will win 31-17

Eh. Not really.

1. Payton will have some new “WTF?” plays on tap for the Bucs that will pick up significant yardage.
2. Brees will play well: 2 TDs, 300+ yards
3. Gibbs and the D will bring the blitz a lot. I think Garcia will be sacked a few times. Usually, I don’t like to expect bad things for him because, when I have in the past, he’s always come out and torched our D. Beware Garcia!
4. Shockey will play, but won’t score a TD in this one. The Bucs will be covering him too well.
5. Deuce will run for 60+ yards and Reggie will run for less but will pick up more on pass plays.
6. M & M will once again be the anchor of our secondary and will pick off a pass. Gay and Porter will hold up there ends.
7. Saints 28, Bucs 24

I’ve done well the past two weeks expecting him to drop well-thrown balls, but I’m gonna go out on a limb this week and say he will actually have a good game and catch well. I may regret this one.

Right about Brees, Shockey, Devery and the defense. Wrong about Deuce and MM. Pretty close again Satch.


Saints 1 and 0, baby! 23-20

Gramatica kicks what turns out to be the game winning field goal, and gets flagged for excessive (solo) celebration (“Unsportsmanlike conduct, number 1… The penalty will be assessed on the kickoff…”) Payton is livid. Mehlhaff is watching at home, calls his agent, and then his college coach, neither one answers.

Devery catches a TD pass.
Reggie scores a rushing TD.
Gay has a pick.
The defense records 2 sacks.
Drees throws for 225+ yards, no picks.

Joey Galloway has 2 or fewer catches for under 40 yards.

Jon Gruden no longer appears to be young for his age, although both he and Payton are wearing team visors inside the Superdome.

Stu, very close on the score prediction. Devery catches a TD. Reggie scores a passing TD. Defense has 2 sacks.

But you were off a bit too.


Multiple sacks. ( i joked to a friend that we would blitz the first play and injure 3 qbs … he said we might hurt 4 )

No picks, but no big plays against either.

Brees does 300ish yards
Colsten 100+ and 2 TD
Bush 120 all purpose yards

True about the sacks. The defense actually DOES get a pick thanks to Fujita.

Brees and Bush stats are pretty close.


Shockey will have a TD. Colston will have a load of catches and a TD. Running game produces just over 100 yards. Saints score 20+ points and eek out a victory.

Defense will give up some big pass plays as per usual but will have 2 sacks and 1 INT. I predict that the defense will be mostly up in this game.

There has to be a lot of energy in the Dome!!! More hurricane rebuilding = even more incentive to cheer for the saints. I’m taking a break from cleanup to go: Section 112, Row 13. This won’t have the magic of the post-Katrina ATL game, but I anticipate an atmosphere that heavily favors the Saints! WHO DAT!!!

Pretty close. The Saints did eek out a victory. The defense didn't give up any big passing plays though.
Steve the fan

1. Saints will win 33-24.
2. Bush will return a punt for a TD.
3. Brees will pass for 320 with 3 TD and a pick (which comes early in the game).
4. Bush will catch a swing pass out of the backfield and take it 40 yards to score one of the TDs.
5. Aaron Stecker will steal a rushing TD spelling a tired Deuce.

This one is pretty good. You nailed Brees' stats! And Bush's TD did come off a swing/screen pass that he took 42 yards to the end zone!

But, Bush didn't look so great on punt returns and Stecker didn't even dress.

jjwest11 Saintsational Dave, overcome with joy at being able to return to New Orleans and see the season opener in the Dome, will remove his clothing, jump down to the field, and lay a bone-crushing hit on Jeff Garcia.
Funny. And wrong.
TAYDIGGA 1. Saints win 34-24
2. Colston has a monster game 7+ Rec 120+ yards
3. Reggie does better than people expect (I’ll leave it at that, no stats for now but he has a great game)
4. Shocky actually does score on a 3rd and goal.
5. Duece gets 10 carries for for 35+ but we can tell Payton is hesitant to use him too much and we see a lil bit of everybody.
6. David actually gets burned for a score but because he gets a crucial pick and a few bat downs know one makes a big deal about it.
Wrong on Colston, Shockey and Deuce, David. Reggie had a great game.
French Freak

1- Saints will wack the Bucs in the first half but Gruden and Kiffin will adjust.
2- Meachem will make 2 huge catches, one in the middle the other for 35 and +.
3- Deuce will have less then 12 with very low yrds but make 3 and 1 twice.
4- Colston’s discretion (no more double coverage!!!!) and effeciency will get him 85 yards.
5- Reggie, as Deuce, will be shitty in the middle but still have a 20 yrds run off a Shockey block.
6- Second and 6, red zone. Lance Moore far post….Touchdown!!!!!!!
7- Bush and Shockey going for the same ball and dropping it.
8- Thomas and Stecker do (again) very good and still don’t get respect
9-Second half. Garcia stops beeing too soft on Faine snap ball spot and Bucs start to role…

French, you get so specific in your predictions. You may want to make them a bit more generic.
Shockey will leave the field limping at least once.
Mark Campbell will catch a short-yardage TD as Bucs focus on Deuce and Shockey.
Reggie Bush will bobble a punt return, but otherwise have 125+ all purpose yards.
Colston will be his usual unstoppable self, catching 7 balls, one for TD.
Saints 31, Bucs 21>
Wrong about everything but Reggie.

There you have it. JJwest11 gets the nod for funniest prediction although incredibly innacurate. It's time to vote on who you think was most accurate last week. This one was pretty close and you guys all made some pretty good guesses. Who was closest?