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You Better Shop Around

The Times-Pic just came out with an article giving us the scoop on talks between defensive coordinator candidate Gregg (the two g's are an homage to Gary Gibbs) Williams and the New Orleans Saints. The title of the article says it all: Gregg Williams has a strong interest in the New Orleans Saints after his recent visit.

Williams' agent, Marvin Demoff, said Williams did not know Saints Coach Sean Payton very well before the meeting. But after coming to New Orleans, Williams' interest in the position is "definitely stronger, " Demoff said.

"He was extremely impressed with everything in the organization, from Sean on down, " Demoff said.

An agent? I never knew that coaches had agents. I thought that stopped at the player level. You learn something new every day I guess. Anyway, the fact that Williams shows great interest is flattering. It really is. But  they haven't even had time to scrape Gibbs' name off his office door.

Williams was in New Orleans on Wednesday night, just hours after the Saints announced Gibbs' firing, according to a league source.

Let's get one thing straight: this is a big decision! Please, for the love of all things holy, do not rush into anything! A new defensive coordinator is the one thing Saints fans have wanted all season. The firing of Gary Gibbs has been equivalent to an early Mardi Gras. So much time and energy was spent cursing him and demanding his dismisal this year. Plus, oh yeah, there's also the fact that a change in attitude, scheme and philosophy on defense could possibly complete the puzzle and turn this team around.

So let's get this right. A lot is riding on it. Settling on the first person who walks through the door is just plain stupid and I hope the Saints aren't that foolish. Especially when his credentials leave a bit to be desired.

The Jaguars' defense did not have a standout season during Williams' one year with the team, finishing 17th in the league in total defense and 24th in passing defense.

Line up some other interviews. Do a little more research. Take a little more time. The wounds are still fresh from the breakup with Gibbs and a quick rebound hookup always leads to morning regret. You know what I'm talking about. We're all excited and you've got us hopeful yet again. Please don't make any hasty decisions.

My mama told me, "You better shop around."