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Wednesday's Random Saints Thoughts


  • The off-season sucks enough as it is but it's ten times worse when you're a Saints fan waiting to find out just who the heck is going to be tapped as the next scapegoat defensive coordinator. This is a huge decision that will decide the fate of this team and it's importance is keeping me on the edge of my seat. But while we've been anxiously awaiting it's been pretty boring in Who Dat Nation  I was so bored in fact that I actually searched "bored" on YouTube. Not a good idea. Among the ridiculous results that popped up was this video, which I am only sharing because it might help cure your boredom. I apologize in advance. 



  • Here is some audio for you guys to listen to. Obviously, it's from WWL's Sports Talk. The first two are Drew Brees and Ed Orgeron (remember him?) from a couple of days ago. The third one is more recent and it's an interview with Mickey Loomis. You have to jump ahead a few minutes past random chatter before they get to Loomis. 


  • Drew Brees' wife, Brittanny, should pop anytime now. I caught Drew on a post-game interview following the Lions game a while back and he mentioned that his son was due in January. Keep your ears open for that one.
  • Finally, I will leave you with this video. It's no secret that the New Orleans Saints official website sucks. It's slow, out-of-date and poorly organized, among other problems, and Saints fans all across the internet are always complaining. I'm not sure who made this video (IBM?) or whether or not it explains a damn thing about the suckage but at least we now have a face to which we can apply our anger. Jeff Huffman, IT manager for the New Orleans Saints. Gibbs is gone; you think we can get this guy canned next?