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Canal Street Chronicles Contest Winners

It's time now to formally acknowledge all of our contest winners from the 2008 NFL season. We had a great FanPost put up by Satchmo26 a while back announcing our fantasy football winners:

Fleaflicker 1st place champStujo4 and his team "Number 9.....Number 9"

Pick em Pool 1st place champ: ASaint

Congratulations to those two.

We also have a couple of winners from our weekly prediction contest who also need to be announced. Every week this season you guys have been making your three random predictions about each game and the final numbers have been tallied. I will award two prizes: one for most weekly wins and one for most total votes over the course of the season. So without further ado, our winners are:

Most weekly wins: Satchmo26 with three total wins (Week 3., Week 5, Week 11)

Most Total Votes: SaintsDynasty (50 votes)

Congrats to Satchmo26 and SaintsDynasty. Stujo4 finished incredibly close with 49 total votes followed closely by pukenbowl and Satchmo26 who both had 43 total votes. 

So what's the prize!?!? The prize will be this lovely Jerzees brand black pique polo shirt embroidered with a custom CSC logo on the left chest.(screams and fainting) Everyone loves a free shirt! But here' where you guys come in - you get to design the logo!  

Here's what I was thinking:

  • This is open to everyone, not just the four winners. 
  • Start throwing out your ideas in the comment section. You can do all the artwork yourself and post it as a picture or just come up with a funny saying.
  • Rec the submissions you like in the comment section. The ideas with the most rec's will then be put up for a vote.
  • The winning design will become the official Canal Street Chronicles shirt to be awarded for all further contests. 
  • The design should incorporate the website name in some way, shape or form. 
  • Have fun with this. It can be funny; serious; artsy; whatever!

To get things started, I came up with my own submission. And before you go thinking that I am some photoshop wizard or used some special graphics program let me tell you that I used Microsoft Paint to create this bad boy so everyone's an artist. 


So let the fun begin!! And would the four winners please email me privately and give me their mailing address and shirt size.