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As the Coach Turns: Episode Two



We've all been excited the last two days with the hiring of Gregg Williams. Now that Gary Gibbs is finally out and a promising new talent is in his place you probably thought things couldn't really get much better.

Or could they?

If there is anything better than finally parting ways with a failed defensive coordinator it's watching that coach get signed by your division rival. Thanks to the recent change in power going on in Tampa Bay that's exactly what's happening. Gary Gibbs will apparently be a part of the Bucs defensive coaching staff next year. His exact position still has not been announced. 

Morris was in the process of hiring former Saints defensive coordinator Gary Gibbs for the defensive staff.


This saga is really starting to get good. I can definitely say with complete sincerity that this most recent news about Gibbs gets me more excited than the arrival of G-R-E-Double G. What a lovely twist to this ever growing plot. Tell me the Panthers have added Haslett to their staff and I'm in heaven.

Let's all keep our fingers crossed and hope that Gibbs is given a position specific to the Bucs defense. That would assure a mediocre season at best for the Bucs. Even if the Bucs turn out to be good, including their defense, it would still reveal the ultimate truth about the defenses we were forced to stomach the last few years for the Saints. Gregg Williams' performance as a coach this first year will certainly give us some answers about the past and about Gibbs' time here in New Orleans. Having another Gibbs defense in the division to use as a barometer will give us an even clearer picture. By the end of next year we would know with much more certainty whether or not Gibbs was the actual problem or whether he was to blame at all. I can't wait.

In other news we know Vilma was arrested in Miami yesterday evening. We'll wait for more information. Below is his booking photo courtesy of Miami Dade Police.