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SB Nation's NFL Regular Season Studs and Duds for 2008

You guys might remember we all of us here at SB Nation voted on our mid-season studs and duds. Well, we all got together again and chose our year end studs and duds as well. Below are the results of our voting. I was happy to see Drew get chosen as the best play on offense (barely). I look forward to hearing what you guys think. Where did we go wrong? What did we get right?


The Studs

NFL MVP (tie): Peyton Manning, Colts (35%) and Chad Pennington, Dolphins (35%)

Best Player on Offense: Drew Brees, Saints (33.3%)

Best Player on Defense: James Harrison, Steelers (41.7%)

Best Rookie: Matt Ryan, Falcons (78%)

Best Coach: Tony Sporano, Dolphins (44%)


The Newly Studly

Was Once a Dud, Now a Stud: Chad Pennington, Dolphins (50%)


The Duds

Mid-Season Worst Player: Braylon Edwards, Browns (40%)

Mid-Season Worst Rookie: Vernon Gholston, Jets (72%)

Mid-Season Worst Coach: Romeo Crennel, Browns (35%) and Rod Marinelli, Lions (35%)


Some notables from the voting: