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Wild-Card Playoffs: Game Predictions



Thought you wouldn't see this for a while, huh?

First up, congrats to SaintsDynasty. That's two straight weeks as our prediction winner. He is starting a prediction "dynasty."

I have decided that I will award prizes. They will go to the person with the most weekly wins and the person with the most total votes over the course of the 16 games. I'm thinking a polo shirt with some sort of CSC related logo/saying. If anyone has any ideas or designs they would like to submit please email them to me for consideration. I will then put the designs to a vote and the winning design will be used for our official CSC polo shirts. 

Since it's Friday afternoon and most of you have gotten used to making predictions about the upcoming Saints game at this time, I decided some of you might like to drag this out a bit more. But while the Saints season is officially over, NFL football lives on. Sadly, someday soon, our weekly prediction contest will come to an end until next season.

Here is how it's gonna work. Pick one of the four games this weekend then make 3 predictions about that game only. These predictions DO NOT count toward the season total. No prizes will be awarded for playoff predictions. 

In case you haven't been paying attention, here are the four games being played this weekend:



Indy @ San Diego

Atlanta @ Arizona


Baltimore @ Miami

Philadelphia @ Minnesota


Everybody get it? Good. Start making your predictions!!