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Most Memorable Moments of the 2008 Saints Season

It's time to take a look back at some of the better moments of the 2008 Saints season. While you may think there aren't many to choose're right. But I scrounged through all the old posts and manged to put together a nice little list. This post is meant to spark memores and conversation while we reminisce about the season that was...or was not. Remember that these are my favorites, so feel free to share your own personal highlights of 2008.

Deuce breaks the record

This season has brought fans the sad realization that the best of Deuce McAllister is behind him. Whether or not he wears the black and gold next season remains to be seen but he will never be forgotten by Saints faithful, especially since he became the Saints touchdown leader on November 24th against the Green Bay Packers. Deuce ran only five times for a sad total of 5 yards that night but the most important stat of the evening was the one in the touchdown column. Following a (miraculous?) Jason David interception and return to the Green Bay 3-yard line, Deuce finished up the job two plays later with his longest run of the night. 7:37 remained in the third quarter. The run wasn't memorable at all but it's outcome will never be forgotten. Thanks Deuce.

Beating the crap out of Green Bay

FINAL - 11.24.2008 1 2 3 4 TOTAL
Green Bay Packers 7 14 0 8 29
New Orleans Saints 14 10 21 6 51


The same game that brought us Deuce's historical run also gives us our second memorable moment. The only thing better than tying a franchise record for points scored in a game and beating up the Packers is doing it all on national television. Some other memorable game facts include:

  • Four touchdowns and a near perfect quarterback rating for Drew Brees.
  • Two - count 'em - two Jason David interceptions.
  • A 70-yard strike to Colston down the sideline.
  • Lance Moore grabbing two touchdowns and proving he can run after the catch.
  • Sedrick Ellis' Pee-Wee Herman dance.

And we can't forget the aforementioned touchdown by Deuce McAllister. On a personal note, this was also the game I brought Adam to and fulfilled my half of our bargain, making it even more memorable.

London Calling

This one is definitely a more personal memorable moment. I feel very proud to be among the lucky few Saints fans able to make the trip across the pond just to watch our favorite bunch of idiots play a football game. How many people can say they've been to a Saints game at Wembley Stadium? Fortunately the Saints won but I can honestly say I still would have enjoyed my quick little adventure if they hadn't. Still...good thing they won. But it wasn't just about football. Even though I had never met Adam before and I don't know when I'll see him next, I definitely consider him a friend and thanks to this blog, Adam's warm generosity and a little luck I have a memory I will never forget.

Dance, Dance Revolution!

We all know the Saints defense this season was disappointing and the on-field product left much to be desired but take comfort in knowing that our team can really get down when it's time to party. Whether it's Jason David doing his best Carlton impression after a pick or Sedrick Ellis, post-sack, imitating Pee-Wee Herman dancing to "Tequila!", these guys are creative. Now if we could only get that talent and creativity to translate into the football game...

Reggie's returns and the block heard 'round the world

Though Reggie racked up 93 yards running and passing on the night, it was his two punt return touchdowns that had everyone in the Superdome freaking out during the Saints week five matchup against the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night. The first came with 1:46 remaining in the third quarter when Reggie ran Chris Kluwe's punt back 71 yards for the score and brought the Saints to within three. Big punt returns are usually the result of big blocks and that was definitely the case with this one as Jo-Lonn Dunbar completely creamed Erin Henderson while Aaron Stecker similtaneously nailed his man. Possibly the best play of the year. Following a game-tying Gramatica field goal (It's true!), Reggie wasn't finished as he took another punt back 64 yards for a second touchdown while putting the Saints up by seven. The Saints came out on the losing end of this one but it all combined to create arguably the most dramatic and exciting game of the 2008 season.

Bobby McCray's bloody sack

How could anyone forget that infamous picture of Carson Palmer walking off the field with a face full of blood? The mess that was Palmers face came courtesy of Bobby McCray with less than a minute remaining in the first half of the Saints pre-season game against the Bengals on August 23rd. The sack was technically split by McCray and Kaesviharn on the official stat sheet but we know McCray was responsible for the dirty work. Even more exciting was the feeling of euphoria as we fantasized and hypothesized about the dominating pass rush we expected the Saints would have in 2008. We were wrong.

Goodbye Gary. Hello Gregg.

After the torment of a second season with his insufferable defense, Gary Gibbs was finally let go this month. Highly coveted Gregg Williams was very recently hired in his place. Technically we don't really know if this move will yield positive results thus making it memorable but considering the way we feel about it at this very moment, this was the change of the century and a much needed breath of fresh air. I also considered putting the hiring of Gibbs by Tampa bay on this list as well but there is always the chance that it could actually come back to bite us in the butt so I will exercise caution.