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Mocking the Draft Mocks First Draft


The older readers of Da Chronic who were around for last years draft will remember SB Nation's own draft blog Mocking the Draft. Well it's now draft season and things are starting to heat up over there. In fact, they've released their first mock draft of the year and here's how it comes out for the Saints:

14. New Orleans Saints
Vontae Davis, CB, Illinois: The Saints have tried to upgrade their cornerbacks with Tracy Porter and Usama Young. Neither has really panned out and Davis is too good of an athlete to pass on. If any of the young corners blossom, Davis could play safety where the Saints also need an improvement.

I'm okay with the pick. Davis' name has been thrown around a lot up until this point and cornerback is the trendy position to go with for the Saints in these mock drafts but I can't help but disagree with the logic behind the choice. While it's definitely arguable that Usama has not lived up to expectations thus far, Tracy Porter has only one year under his belt and lost half of that due to injury. When Porter was healthy he had shown Payton enough talent to earn himeslf the starting spot next to McKenzie so I would hardly say he didn't pan out. A healthy Porter next season should be an instant upgrade to the Saints pass defense so Safety might be the better choice this time around. But, if Vontae Davis does have the ability to transition between both positions then that should make him particularly enticing to the not only the Saints but other teams as well.