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State of the Nation: NFL Playoffs Wild Card Round

I figure everyone will be checking out the playoff games today and tomorrow so I put together a link package from all over SB Nation to give you a little background info on the teams and the matchups. What better place to get great coverage on all the playoff action than right here in The Nation. Where else would you find a post like this, from Niners Nation, sure to delight the stat freaks and the number geeks. It's also a great place to start getting acquainted with this years Superbowl hopefuls. And don't forget about our NFL scoreboard to get all the latest.

NFL Scores, Schedule and Blog Posts - SB Nation

Here is some more coverage on all the teams from their respective SB Nation blogs.

Atlanta Falcons


Arizona Cardinals

Arizona Cardinals Defense Must Slow Down the Falcons' Triplets - Revenge of the Birds

Arizona Cardinals Scout the Atlanta Falcons: Via The Falcoholic - Revenge of the Birds

Atlanta Falcons at Arizona Cardinals: What the Offense Must Do to Win - Revenge of the Birds

A Cardinals' Scouting Report From Revenge Of The Birds - The Falcoholic

Philadelphia Eagles


Minnesota Vikings

Eagles/Vikings: Striking Similarities on Defense - Daily Norseman

Eagles Notes - Chris Clemons, Brian Dawkins, and Adrian Peterson's #1 - Bleeding Green Nation

Baltimore Ravens


Miami Dolphins

Dolphins vs Ravens: A Quick Primer - The Phinsider

How to beat the Miami Dolphins - Baltimore Beatdown

Indianapolis Colts


San Diego Chargers

San Diego Chargers vs Indianapolis Colts - Preview - Bolts from the Blue

BigBlueShoe's bold New Year's prediction: The Colts will win it all! (A 2008 playoffs study in blind homerism) - Stampede Blue

This is a travel day for me, as I will be heading to Indianapolis in the morning, so I probably won't catch much of the action today. Feel free to use this thread to chat about the games. Also, check out the cool playoff widget I installed on the right sidebar. You like?