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Canal Street Chronicles, SB Nation Partnered with Sprint NFL Mobile

Canal Street Chronicles veterans will know that I always like to announce exciting partnerships, new avenues of exposure and general success for our website and SB Nation as a whole. That's why I am happy to announce our newest sponsor and the NFL's official telecommunications partner, Sprint. Part of the deal requires me to let you all know about the great things Sprint has to offer NFL fans, so excuse me while I pay some bills around here. 

If any of you out there already have Sprint and use NFL Mobile Live you may have noticed the SB Nation link under the "My Teams" section. One touch and you've got access to select content from Canal Street Chronicles. As a blogger, it's actually pretty darn cool and something I'm proud to be a part of. I'm dead serious about that, regardless of the fact that this post is sponsored. 

I'm also serious when I say that I've had a chance to check it out myself since Sprint gave me a free Palm Pre with NFL Mobile Live included, one of the few cool perks about this gig. Since I already have a cell phone and phone number it's a little extraneous but the NFL Mobile Live app is pretty sweet and something I actually use now on game day. The live scoreboard makes it easy for me to keep up with games from around the league; especially helpful when I'm in the Superdome and stuck with their never-updated league results on the Dome scoreboard. But the coolest thing has been the live radio broadcast of every game from every city. So when I'm at the Saints games, I can tune into WWL from time to time and listen to Jim Henderson call the game. 

And if you're looking for a free ticket to see the Saints in the Superbowl, Sprint is offering you that chance. Vote right here each week for your favorite Sprint Can't-Miss Play of the Week. Every vote enters you for a chance to win free trip to this years Superbowl in Miami. 

Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.