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NY Giants @ New Orleans Saints: Let's Get Ready to Rumble

Welcome back from the bye week, Who Dat Nation!

Things have been very slow and boring around here without Saints football to think about. But now that week five is in the books and the team has taken advantage of the all-important rest period, it's time for the Saints to make their triumphant return to action in an effort to take home the championship.

And what a return it's gonna be. If you thought last week's game against the Jets garnered the Saints some extra attention, buckle your seatbelts folks because the spotlight's about to get brighter. The Giants 44-7 shellacking of Oakland yesterday means they remain unbeaten still when they come to New Orleans on Sunday. This game is sure to be the leagues marquee matchup this week; the battle of two undefeated teams trying to stay perfect and earn the unofficial title as best team in the NFC. We know the Saints are good but this week, we're gonna find out if they're really good. 

Add that to the following list of other storylines we're sure to hear a lot about this week from local and national media and it equals one hell of an exciting week of Saints football. 

  • Bye Week Blues - How are the Saints going to respond coming off their bye week? That's the question everyone is sure to be asking. The key for the Saints will be whether or not they can maintain the momentum they gained after beating their first undefeated team from New York, the Jets.
  • The Real JShock - Jeremy Shockey's departure from New York wasn't exactly an amicable one. I'm certain he's had this game circled on his calender since he left the Big Apple and I would think he's going to be licking his chops this Sunday. As for this week leading up to the match, I'm sure we will hear lots about and from him as I'm sure every writer and their mother will have an article about Shockey's first time playing against his former team. Needless to say, I will be checking Twitter constantly. 
  • #1 vs. #1 - The Saints have the best offense in the league. The Giants have the best defense in the league. Let the debating begin. 
  • Prodigal Son - This game marks the first time Eli has played in his hometown New Orleans during his professional career. He is also suffering from plantar fasciitis in his right foot, a painful and lingering injury that could effect his play. One way or another, the focus will be on Eli. Also, Peyton has a bye this week so I'm sure he won't want to miss the family reunion and watching his little brother play. 
  • New York, New York. New York. - The Saints attempt to go for a clean sweep of defeating three New York football teams in a row. 

What about you? What are you most looking forward to or interested in this week? Feel free to discuss any of the above points or share your own thoughts related to the Giants @ Saints game.