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NY Giants 27 @ New Orleans Saints 48: The View from Section 140


I'm gonna start this whole thing off by simply saying that the view from section 140, and every other Superdome section for that matter, is freakin' beautiful.

Billed as the first real test for the Saints this year, it's safe to say they've passed with flying colors. In fact, every question I had about this team has been answered. Seems the only thing left now is just to sit back and enjoy the rest of the show. I guess the only question really remaining is: How far can the Saints take this?


Let's go to the bullets:

  • This was the first home game of the season when it wasn't raining. 
  • Touchdowns! Get your touchdowns here! The Saints were giving them away today to anybody who wanted one. Seven different players scored for New Orleans, only the fourth time since 1970 that's ever been done in the NFL. 
  • Getting into the stadium has never been more difficult and more of a pain in the ass. I blame it on a combination of the poor layout and too stringent security. 
  • The two Giants fans sitting next to me said they were friends of Bobby Hebert's son and got their tickets directly from the Cajun Cannon right before the game. Does that mean I have seats next to Bobby Hebert?
  • Give credit to the Saints secondary. They made some great plays and broke up a few big passes. Plays I really don't think they would have made last season. Jabari Greer got his first interception as a Saint and Sharper should have could have had yet another pick six. 
  • The Giants secondary, on the other hand, didn't look so great. 
  • Part of that has got to be due to the great play of Marques Colston, Lance Moore and every other Saints receiver for that matter. Watching Colston pick passes out of the air is just a thing of beauty. As long as Brees gets the ball within a ten foot radius around Marques, he will catch it. The same could be said of Lance Moore with just a slightly smaller catching radius. His first catch of the game was bobbled as he amazingly held onto it. 
  • No change in the kicking game even with Garrett Hartley back from suspension. Carney was still handling field goals and Morstead took care of the kickoffs.
  • Was Shockey's touchdown catch just a matter of coincidence against his old team or do you think Payton was purposely stroking Shockey's ego and fueling his obvious fire this game? 
  • Drew Brees was able to put on a clinic against the Giants but you can thank the offensive line for giving him all day to throw. With no pressure, Brees will light up any team regardless of their secondary's talent. Given how good the Giants front four is, I was quite surprised to see them get stymied all game. Were they just having a bad day or is the Saints line that good?
  • It wouldn't have been a Hochuli-officiated game without a few questionable calls. Fortunately, they effected both teams. The helmet-to-helmet hit by Vilma was questionable, as was the pass interference call on the Giants.  
  • Special teams still has some room for improvement and remains the weak link on this team. Domenik Hixon had a field day on kick returns. Any time your punter has to save a touchdown, it's not good. It's really not good when he must do it twice. On the other side, I'm not getting the same feeling as last year that Courtney Roby is just one missed tackle away from taking a kickoff to the house.  Also, Carney had an extra point blocked.
  • One of the halftime props fell over while being set up and fell onto a crew member. They were carted off the field before the halftime show began. 
  • If you had told me last week that Mark Brunell would relieve Brees during the fourth quarter against the Giants, I would have asked you the name of your dealer. How 'bout that?




Construction on the Superdome.



A closer view. 



The ridiculous crowd trying to get into the Dome. 









The cameraman was so short he needed to stand on a pallet. 



The Saintsations switched into their Halloween costumes for halftime. 



Hartley getting back into the "kick" of things. 



Payton has such a distinctive walk. Big strides. I think this picture sums it all up. 



Pam Oliver doing her thing. She's cuter in person. 



Checking out the TV feed. 



Gettin' ready to boogie. 



"Wait, wait,'s step then pivot?"



The Benson Boogie in full effect. Check out Fujita in his boot. 



Optimus Saint.


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