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New Orleans Saints @ Miami Dolphins: Game Predictions

Eat Mor Chikin

Yeah baby! It's prediction time! Step right up and make your three prognostications for this weeks Saints game against the Dolphins. We've had lots of Phinsider readers here this week so I welcome all of you to join the party as well. You'll figure out what to do. 

Of course we have to acknowledge last weeks winner. He loves the Saints; he loves the Longhorns. His name says it all. He's SaintBevo, and he narrowly won the popular vote; it was a squeaker. In case you missed his winning predictions, all of which he got correct, they were:

  • Saints score on first drive
  • Saints D gets 2 or more TOs
  • Bush gets a TD
  • Congrats go out to him. Check out his avatar. Reminds me of Chick-fil-A advertisement. 

    Don't forget to also participate in coldpizza's Pick 'Em contest

    Good luck to everyone this week!