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New Orleans Saints 46 @ Miami Dolphins 34: Post-Game Bullets

Here are the rest of my notes from the game:

  • Hard to believe this was the same offensive line that kept Drew Brees clean last week in the face of the NY Giants defensive line. The entire offense as a whole came out flat, making stupid mistakes and committing silly penalties. 
  • One athletic leap for a touchdown a great running back does not make. It's nice to have Reggie on the team to make spectacular plays like the one he made for six points but is it worth a lot of the negatives we've seen from him this year. He still dances and hesitates too much and unlike last year, his threat as a punt returner isn't saving his reputation. He looks horrendous back there. 
  • I think you've got to give credit to the Dolphins secondary. All week I had been hearing how weak they were as a unit but they looked pretty solid yesterday. If they really are that bad, this must have been their best game. 
  • Is it me or did it seem like players on both sides of the ball were missing easy catches?
  • Sometimes I hate being right. During my interview with The Phinsider, I mentioned that the key for success against Drew Brees was to cause lots of disruption and have defenders keep their hands in the air. That's exactly what Miami did early in the game to get ahead. Fortunately, the Saints also have a running game.
  • Courtney Roby looked much better in kick returns, particularly the 87-yard one. He still hasn't taken on all the way to the house yet. 
  • Given that John Carney missed a 50-yard field goal, is it time to start thinking about activating Garrett Hartley?
  • I would like to personally thank Tony Sparano for calling a timeout right before Carney's field goal attempt at the end of the first half. It gave Drew Brees just enough time to talk Payton into going for it and played a crucial role in the Saints comeback. Thanks again. 
  • I will admit I think the Saints got the benefit of some questionable officiating. That being said, a replay booth malfunction? WTF? The Saints drive stays alive and the entire course of the game could have been different if that call gets overturned as it should. 
  • I hate to see Sedrick Ellis sidelined with a sprained knee but the defense seemed to look just as good, if not better, with Anthony Hargrove on the field full-time in place of Ellis. Remi Ayodele has already Wally Pipped Kendrick Clancy so it will be interesting to see if Hargrove pulls off a similar feat. 
  • Speaking of Hargrove, has anyone else noticed that his helmet looks different and futuristic?

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