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New Orleans Saints 46 @ Miami Dolphins 34: Who Dat Say!?



reggie_bush Great Win for the Saints again! Probably our toughest test yet! Hats off to Miami Dolphins. God is good! Need to get in ice tub ASAP!! lol!

usama_young28 6-0!!! Tough one but we pulled it out. Thanks for the support... Who dat! One more thing...Y can't it b an icetub on the plane? Stay focusd

ChaseDaniel Who Dat nation came put in full force in Miami! So many Saints fans there! Huge win!

robyslyfe We have the best fans in the world!! Tha NOLA support was deep in MIAMI...hard game but as a TEAM we pulled it out..6-0 WHO DAT!!

jeffduncantp in the 1st 642 games of their existence (1967-2008), the Saints scored 45 or more points 5 times. They've done it 4 times in 6 games this yr

ChaseDaniel Just touched down in Nola...can already see the thousands of fans outside the gates flashing their lights!

reggie_bush Man Saints fans are crazy! Lol! It's at least 500 people out here waiting for us at the airport! Best fans in football!

reggie_bush Ok maybe a thousand fans!

ChaseDaniel Just took me 30 min to go less then 1/4 mile! So many fans! Love you all!

JeremyShockey what a great team win! thx for the suport! Our team never gave up.. the fans were the best. just a great fight lke we thought! Never quiet    

Harp41 Today was a big win for us.. Proud to be a Saint.. Who Dat!    


 New Orleans Saints at Miami Dolphins game recap - Times-Pic

"Obviously,  you've never seen me play hoops, " said the 6-foot-tall Brees,  when asked if he was surprised he had that in him. "There are times in a game when a team needs an emotional lift . . . and I felt like I had to do something to get everybody hyped up. Obviously,  you don't see that a lot from a 6-foot guy."

-Drew Brees

"It was a team effort. There was no individuals involved, "

-Mike Bell

"I have to give them credit, they came at us with one of the best game plans by far, " Saints guard Carl Nicks said. "But our coaching staff (adjusted), and we felt they were very tired at the end of the game. I know they were, because we were tired. But we put all that finesse talk to rest."

-Carl Nicks


 Saints still perfect after thrilling comeback win over Dolphins - Times-Pic

"I just told Coach,  'I'll get it. We got 6 inches,  I'll get it, ' "

-Drew Brees

"Wouldn't that be wonderful, " Saints owner Tom Benson said in a jubilant locker room. "We've still got a long way to go, but we're working on it. "For us to be down like that at halftime and come back is unbelievable. That says our team is really a team."

-Tom Benson, on going to the Super Bowl.

"That was a strong win, a strong, strong, strong win, " Loomis said. "What made it a good win is that we had four or five chances to cash it in, and they didn't. That was a good character win."

-Mickey Loomis

"Hey, they have No. 9 (Brees) back there, " Dolphins cornerback Vontae Davis said. "That is a guy who can take over a game."

-Vontae Davis

"Despite being down 24-3 we still felt good about our chances because everything had gone wrong for us, and we were still in the game, "

-Drew Brees

"I wasn't going to let anything stop me from getting in the end zone, especially one guy, "

-Reggie Bush

"Hey, you never know when you'll have a chance to be there again, "

-Drew Brees

"This is a huge win, " Saints linebacker Scott Shanle said. "It can be a season-changing win.

"When you look back over the course of a season, a win like this can be huge, and it says a lot about the character of the team. This was a test we hadn't faced yet, and we came back and responded."

-Scott Shanle


 New Orleans Saints in midst of truly special season: Jeff Duncan - Times-Pic

"We have a great locker room,  a great team and we stuck by each other, " running back Mike Bell said. "We had a great attitude coming into halftime. We weren't feeling sorry for ourselves. We came back,  persevered,  stuck to the game plan and came up victorious."

-Mike Bell

"That's all we've talked about, finishing football games, " Brees said. "We hadn't been in a situation like this in a while. . . . We all knew that they had given us their best shot . . . and all we had to do is string a few drives together. Honest to god, we knew it was going to happen, and sure enough it did."

-Drew Brees


New Orleans Saints show heart of champion in comeback victory over Miami Dolphins: Peter Finney - Times-Pic

New Orleans Saints' incredible comeback gives them a 46-34 win at the Miami Dolphins - Times-Pic

Grading the New Orleans Saints' performance against the Miami Dolphins - Times-Pic

New Orleans Saints at Miami Dolphins photo gallery - Times-Pic

 Photos: Hundreds greet New Orleans Saints at airport - Times-Pic

Saints at Dolphins Game Story - New Orleans Saints official website

"There were a lot of things that we didn’t do well in the first half," said Head Coach Sean Payton. "But that’s because Miami did a lot of things and played very well in the first half. We talked at halftime about playing four quarters. I was proud of the way we responded."

-Sean Payton

"I think it’s a testament to the character of this team. We never quit, we just kept fighting and believed we could win the game. Things didn’t look good there but we kep battling. It’s a good win."

-Scott Shanle

"It was the first chance for us to play from a deficit and I was encouraged with how we responded,"

-Sean Payton


Saints rally to beat Dolphins 46-34  - WWLTV 

Miami Dolphins have Saints on ropes, but can't land knockout in 46-34 loss - Palm Beach Post

"We had those guys on the ropes," str

ong safety Yeremiah Bell said. "We needed one more punch and we could have kept them down."

-Yeremiah Bell

"You would like to think they go in there without a touchdown and you'd like to think they're pretty much done," linebacker Reggie Torbor said. "Stick a fork in them.

"Now they have hope."

-Reggie Torbor

"That's what they do," nickelback Nate Jones said. "They're going to constantly put the pressure on you - and we knew that. "We let them off the hook tonight."

-Nate Jones

"We can't blame nobody but ourselves," linebacker Akin Ayodele said. "Point blank: we did not make the plays we made in the first half."

-Akin Ayodele   


Miami Dolphins blow second-half lead, fall to unbeaten New Orleans Saints - Miami Herald

"It was ours,'' running back Ricky Williams said Sunday. ``We fought and we fought. They just fought harder at the end.''

-Ricky Williams

`But you need to stay level, you need to stay even, through the ups and the downs,'' wide receiver Greg Camarillo said. ``When you go up, you need to stick to it. And when you go down, you need to stick to it as well.

``This sport doesn't change regardless of the score.''

-Greg Camarillo

``It's demoralizing,'' nose tackle Jason Ferguson said. ``You're trying to push forward and make a play. You're trying to get your momentum back. It was there for us to take, and we gave them a chance to get back in the game.''

-Jason Ferguson

``That's a hard ride,'' Ferguson said. ``You're just left kicking yourself in the butt. ``That's the worst way to lose.''

-Jason Ferguson


Miami Dolphins vs. New Orleans Saints Postgame Notes - Miami Dolphins official website

Dolphins Fall To Saints 46-34 - Miami Dolphins official website

"It was a tale of two halves really," said Dolphins veteran outside linebacker Jason Taylor, who finished with two sacks and two forced fumbles. "We played pretty well in the first half except for the last drive and we kind of gave some momentum away there, allowed them to get a touchdown when they should have only had a chance for a field goal there at the end. Then we came out in the second half and turned the ball over, created penalties, gave up big plays, didn't tackle and we did dumb things."

-Jason Taylor

"We had good field position [in the second half] but they had some adjustments at halftime," Henne said. "They brought more pressure and made me get rid of the ball a lot sooner than what we wanted. We handled it sometimes. We hit a slant with Hartline there and we had some plays in there where we made some plays, but it just boiled down to that we didn't make enough plays."

-Chad Henne

"It feels worst because something that we're trying to do, we talked about them being front-runners and we got up in front and we didn't handle it well," Williams said. "That's something that hopefully over time we'll get better at. We usually don't go three-and-out. That's not us so when the game's on the line, at home especially, we have to do a better job of executing in that situation."

-Ricky Williams

"We did what we needed to do and what we talked about doing in the first half," Taylor said. "We were pressuring him, trying to force turnovers and create negative plays for them and we did a good job of it in the first half. We just didn't do it in the second half and you've got to finish games in this league. No matter what the score is or what the situation is at halftime, you have to come out of the locker room and continue doing what you were doing well in the first half or correct what it was you weren't doing and we just didn't do that in the second half."

-Jason Taylor

"I just had to open up and go get him," Davis said. "He was out of the gates. I just tried to run as hard as I could and pick a time to lay out and I did it at the right time."

-Vontae Davis, on stopping Courtney Roby just in time


New Orleans Saints' comeback victory over Miami Dolphins takes five seconds to ignite - Miami Herald

True Grit In Miami - New Orleans Pro Football

Jeff: Saints battle back from 3 TD deficit to go 6 - 0 - WWL

Brees, defense keep Saints undefeated with comeback over Dolphins - CBS Sports

Big second half lifts Saints over Dolphins - Washington Post

"Obviously, the first half was something to be forgotten," Brees said. "We all knew they have given us their best shot, and we had played about as bad as we could play."

-Drew Brees

"We can score fast," said running back Mike Bell, who had all 80 of his rushing yards in the second half. "It's good to have Drew in the huddle."

-Mike Bell

"I think the score at the end of the half was significant, obviously, to get us close," Payton said. "We just kept fighting in the second half."

-Sean Payton

"It's not always going to be perfect," said Porter, who clinched the game with a 54-yard interception return with 1 minute 53 seconds left. "We had to fight through adversity, but this offense is one that . . . never quits."

-Tracy Porter




Jeff Duncan's Saints-Dolphins Vlog (Oct. 25, 2009)




Here is all your post-game audio from WWL. In order you have post-game clips from Sean Payton, Jabari Greer, Tracy Porter, Jahri Evans, Bobby Hebert and Hokie Gajan. 



Tony Sparano Press Conference

From the Miami Dolphins official website

(on the end of the first half of play) - "Most people were ... I believe they had field goal people out, offensive people huddled - which they were doing the whole half, in other words, running groups on and off the field - so we wanted to be in the right personnel, and we called a time out to bring in the right personnel. They ended up going forward and we didn't make the play."

(on if he saw the New Orleans Saints field goal unit on at the end of the first half) - "They had regular personnel huddled up on the sideline and field goal people out on the field."

(on if he thought the Saints could have made the unit switch with only five seconds left on the clock in the first half) - "I thought they were going to make the switch at the very last minute, so we just wanted to be in the best personnel we could be in if they kicked the field goal, we wanted to be in the best personnel if they went for it, we wanted to be in the best personnel."

(on if he thought the game got away from the Dolphins in the second half) - "I think we came out in the second half of the football game - I believe the score was, I don't really know what the score was ... I think we were up ten points, 14 points - threw a turnover there, he [Saints FS Darren Sharper] got his hands on it. This is what we talked about during the week. This guy doesn't miss many when he gets a chance; he got his chance, scored a touchdown off the turnover. I believe we had three turnovers today and all three of them lead to scores. I think they had four turnovers; we got 17 points off of them. So, to me, that was probably a point where the game went away a little bit. I thought offensively we had two series at the end of the third quarter that started with throws and we didn't make a play. Which lead to a second-and-ten and we ended up throwing six passes in a row, I think, in some of those situations. We just didn't get a first down. Didn't get anything generated at that point. Got to give credit to those guys [the Saints]. I felt they did a good job. They came out and pressured us a little bit more in the second half.

(on if the Saints took the running game away from the Dolphins) - "I think we got away from it at times. Again, that was six plays there that ended up - the down and distance just ended up dictating kind of what we were going to do a little bit. One of them was a check with me play. It could have been a run or a pass on second down. It ended up being a pass, so that ended up being three passes in a row. Some of that ... that's two series gone. At the end of that, they scored off of both of those. We didn't score, we didn't get first down, and they brought the ball down the field and scored. I think as the game got on we just couldn't get the ball there, we were just throwing the ball to get back in the game."

(on if the late score in the second quarter changed the dynamic of the game) - "They scored a touchdown. They drove the ball down, we turned the ball over I believe. I think we turned the ball over on the 50-yard line, they end up taking the ball down the field and getting the score, but we had the ball coming back out. I felt like we were moving the ball pretty well at that time, we could have had another opportunity there to put another one in the end zone. Obviously we didn't get anything going. We threw and interception and they took the ball back in for a touchdown."

(on if he feels that the second half of the game was self-destructive) - "Well, a little bit. Yeah. I mean, that's a good football team, obviously, out there, but yes, I think at times a little bit self-destructive. Either not making a play, a penalty at the wrong time, turning the football over, those kinds of things. So, yeah, I'd say a little bit self-destructive. That's all of us, the players, coaches. We've got to do a better job. I've got to do a better job of coaching."

(on his assessment of QB Chad Henne's play today) - "I've got lots of film. I can't assess that right now. I thought at times he played pretty well during the ball game. We know we've got to take care of the ball, we knew this team was plus nine turnover-wise, we've just got to, all around, take better care of the football."

(on what he told the team in the locker room after the loss) - "I told them they had to give that team credit. They finished the game and we didn't. That has been our ... that's been kind of our deal. We finish games. One of the things we really wanted to do in this game was get this team into the fourth quarter and kind of get them into a place where they hadn't been, and I thought that we did that; we just didn't finish the game. We had untimely penalties, we had dropped balls, we had interceptions, we had penalties - we just didn't do a good job of executing fourth quarter football. That's my fault. We didn't look like a very good football team in the fourth quarter."

(on how he thought QB Chad Henne handled the pressure) - "I thought Chad was fine. I really did. I've just got to watch the film. I've got to look at the film. I can give you a better answer to that some time tomorrow."

(on the play of RB Ricky Williams) - "Well, Ricky played really well. He ran the ball hard; I thought he made the most of his runs, the most of his carries. We're trying to get him on the eight- and nine-whole play a little bit outside. They did a pretty good job of defending that. We were able to get some things back to the weak side on their defense at times. I really thought the first half of the game we were one step ahead offensively and as the game went on, late third, early fourth quarter, we simply didn't make the most of the drives. The critical situations in the game that we evaluate - third down, turnovers, those types of things - today I guess we won the turnovers at the end, it was four to three, whatever, but, it's still too many turnovers against a team like this. And the late penalties and also the things that we feel like we have to do on third down conversions on the offensive side of the ball, we weren't able to do that. We weren't able to stay out there."

(on losing LCB Will Allen) - "Obviously, to lose Will in that situation. It's a close ball game; I thought Will was playing pretty well at the time, but, two young kids... There was nothing glaring there. I thought they made a good open field tackle. We'll have to take a look. There was one big play that happened out there and Will didn't see it, obviously."

(on how they were able to disrupt the play of New Orleans Saints QB Drew Brees so effectively in the first half) - "One of the things was that we won some individual match ups. I know that [SLB] Jason Taylor won a couple of individual match ups out there, Joey [Porter, WLB] might have gotten to him once during the course of that deal, so there were some quarterback hits and some individual deals. More pressures really that way. And we were able, one time, had a pressure call, Nate [Jones, RCB] kind of got back there, there was a couple of those things. But for the most part it was winning those individual battles, which was something that we felt we had to do this week. It was something that Buffalo [Bills] did a good job of. While our guys did a good job early on in the ball game, we have to finish."

(on why he didn't wait for Saints QB Drew Brees to enter the field before calling time out at the end of the second quarter) - "I just didn't. That's it. I called the time out. So. Period."

(on what he might do regarding the play of WR Ted Ginn, Jr.) - "We'll just work our tails off and continue to get better. Teddy made a big play a week ago for us and he had some opportunities [today]. We'll look at the film, we'll coach the heck out of it, and we'll try to get better. That's what we do."