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Assorted Gameday Notes and Pre-Game Open Thread for the Purpose of Pumping You Up

Post-Game Show

After the Saints administer a thorough beat down of the NY Jets later this afternoon, tune in to our live post-game podcast at 7pm Central and call the show to drunkenly scream about how great it is to have an undefeated football team four weeks into the season. Here is the link to the listen to the show. You can click it right now and set a reminder so you don't forget. And assuming you're man enough to call the show and chat with us, the call-in number is (347) 215-8037.

Follow My Twitter Updates

I wanted to try something new for the game today. When the open game thread gets posted at 2pm today, it will include a small Twitter widget that is directly linked to CSC's Twitter account directly below the usual game information table. Since I sit directly behind the Saints bench and can see everything that's happening on their sideline, I thought I would give live Twitter updates on anything pertinent or interesting I see. So you will definitely want to be checking that widget (or my Twitter account) frequently during the game.

This thread should be considered open for all discussion about anything seen or heard here in this post and also for all early game/pre-game chatter. The official open game thread will open at 2pm Central.

Make the jump for tons links, video, audio and the newest Saints-related Who Dat song.

Don't kid yourselves, Who Dats. This is a big game.


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I introduce to you the latest New Orleans Saints Who Dat song from musical and lyrical genius, Crackatrax.

Here are the latest clips of WWL's The Fan and the Pro with Bob Mitchell and Hokie Gajan.