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New Orleans Saints 24, New York Jets 10: This is getting...bizarre

"I just jizzed in my pants." — Steve the fan

When Dave christened this team the "Bizarro Saints" last week, he had no idea what he had latched onto. These Saints are like something out of The X Files (that's Fringe, for you youngsters). Nothing is as it seems, nothing is real...except for the Saints. They're for real, all right...and they're undefeated at the bye.

Still...Drew Brees being held without a touchdown...again? Smith and Grant accounting for four sacks and a forced fumble? Darren Sharper intercepting two passes and returning one for a 99-yard TD? (Oh wait...that one's a gimme.) These are not the Saints that even the most optimistic Gregg Williams fanboy expected to see.

And the strangest thing of all is this: Dave was so busy being at the game that he couldn't write a post-game story, so he asked me to do it for him—and I'm probably the only one here who didn't watch the game. Talk about bizarre. For those of you who may never have tried to follow a full game on you know Drew Brees' longest completion went to Jabari Greer? 'S truth. And he tried to complete a pass to Jamar Nesbit on 4th and goal. (Wait a minute...that really happened? Bizarre...)

Since every Saints fan in the known universe is probably better qualified than me at this moment to analyze what actually happened and why, I'm going to turn it over to the WhoDats, forthwith. Have at it. And enjoy yourselves for the next two've earned it. That is all.