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Shut Up, Dave Hutchinson

Remember earlier in the week when the Saints curiously denied New York/New Jersey media interview requests for Drew Brees, Jonathan Vilma, Jeremy Shockey, Reggie Bush and Marques Colston. Instead, the team made Darren Sharper available to answer questions. But to at least one member of the media, that wasn't good enough.

Dave Hutchinson, of the New Jersey Star Ledger, took it as a slap in the face. Apparently, Darren Sharper just wasn't high-profile enough for him. 

Each week, we usually get the opposing quarterback on a conference call on Wednesdays or another high-profile star on the team. But this week, the Saints turned down requests from media members covering the Jets for five players; they finally said 'yes' to safety Darren Sharper. Nevermind, guys...As I said, we ended up with Sharper and personally, I'd rather them just cancel the call. I'm sure Sharper is a nice guy and all but ...    

But what? You'd rather talk to a player that you think is going to make a difference during the game? Think again, Dave.