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NY Jets 10 @ New Orleans Saints 24: The View from Section 140

That perception of destiny just won't go away. This feels like 2006 on steroids. 

The Saints victory of the Jets yesterday wasn't the prettiest game we've seen the Saints play by any means but like last week, it proved that these guys are not one dimensional and can win however they need to. This does not have to be the Drew Brees show. Last week against the Bills we found out this defense is good enough to keep the Saints in games. Yesterday, we learned they can flat out win them.

So revel in the perfection and the knowledge that your Saints are among the NFL's elite. After the bye week, the real fun starts. 

Make the jump for my observations, talking points and photos from yesterday's victory. Then discuss. 

Let's go to the bullets:

  • There was a very healthy dose of Jets fans in the city for the game. I was very surprised to see how well they traveled. Admittedly, every one of them that I met was friendly. 
  • I'm pretty sure the Saints broke their streak this season of scoring a touchdown on their opening drive when they settled for a field goal.
  • Give credit to the Jets defense. They stymied Sean Payton and the offense for the entire game. It was the Saints defense that won this game. I can't believe I just said that.
  • I had high hopes that this would be the season that Reggie Bush would finally win everyone over and the divisiveness would end but it's becoming apparent that will never happen. Ever. People are fed up with him and I certainly understand, though I don't necessarily agree. Personally, I thought Reggie looked good running the ball today. But, of course, he also had to fumble the ball at an inopportune time and almost caused the game to slip away. The grumblings continue. 
  • Heath Evans is freakin' athletic for a dude his size. He made a great one-handed catch on a low thrown ball and managed to turn around and run a bit. Karney who?
  • Charles Grant and Will Smith are quietly becoming the leagues best pass rushing tandem. And that's good because they're getting paid as such. Seriously though, two sacks for each of them yesterday. With four sacks on the season, Grant has already surpassed his production from last year and Will Smith has tied his three-sack total from 2008. 
  • Did you catch that block by Brees on Reggie's big run? You don't need to prove anything to us, Drew. 
  • Darren Sharper's first interception and subsequent run back completely changed the momentum of the game. After Reggie fumbled and the Jets were threatening in the second half, Sharper again took over the game and assured victory with another pick. I think it's official: Other than Gregg Williams, Sharper was the biggest off-season acquisition of the year. I still think Jabari Greer is underrated but Sharper is changing/winning games.  
  • The Saints secondary as a whole looked very great yesterday. Jabari Greer made more than a couple of great pass breakups, including a key one on third down. Tracy Porter made some big hits on the receiver after the catch. Not to be overshadowed by Darren Sharper, I think Roman Harper has been playing inspired as well. He is making plays I don't remember seeing him make last season. In fact, the safety position could possibly be the most noticeably improved unit.  Even the inconsistent Randall Gay had a key pass breakup and game-ending interception. A complete turnaround and it won the Saints the game. 
  • No one receiver played particularly amazing, racked up huge yardage or even scored a touchdown for that matter. But they each made a big catch or two when they needed. 
  • Probably the one negative from this game was the eerily familiar short yardage suckage on fourth down. It felt like I had stepped into a time machine and was magically whisked back to 2008. Fortunately, it wasn't detrimental to the outcome of the game but the number one offense shouldn't need four downs to put it in the end zone from the two-yard line. 
  • The offensive line may be slightly at fault for some of the short yardage crap, but I think they played pretty well. The talk before this game was about Rex Ryan and the attack-heavy blitz the Jets would employ but Brees has pretty much all day out there. 
  • Thomas Morstead looked sick on kickoffs, forcing returners to take a knee in the endzone repeatedly. I believe he shanked one of his punts, however. 
  • Good way to go into a bye week. Hate to lose this momentum of the season but it will be a great chance to get healthy. We'll have a lot to talk about the next two weeks. The Giants play Oakland next week so expect another battle of undefeated teams when the Saints return to face New York. 



Pretty sure this was NOT a costume. 



Even Gumbo was sporting the pink. 



Payton getting mic'd up. Feel free to caption this one yourself in the comment section.



Moses wants YOU to get loud on third down. 



Payton having a chat with the offensive line. 



Goodwin talking with the rest of the line.



Brees going over the last series. Real men wear pink. 



Obligatory Saintsation picture. 


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