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NY Jets 10 @ New Orleans Saints 24: Who Dat Say!?


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 New York Jets disrupt New Orleans Saints offense to no avail - Times-Pic

"I thought our defense played well enough to win," Jets linebacker Bart Scott said. "I'm not going to make a big deal and criticize what happened. It happened,  and now we have to regroup.

"When you have a game like this it doesn't matter if you give up 10 points or not,  you go back and analyze the things you did wrong because when you are trying to be a great defense,  you chase perfection. And I think we all have something to learn from. We all did something wrong in this game."

-Bart Scott

"We knew it was going to be a challenge, but for the most part, our guys were doing a good job of competing, in particular Lowery and Coleman," Jets Coach Rex Ryan said. "Revis was outstanding. We never really got to (Brees), never got to disrupt him that much. I don't think he was the regular Drew Brees, but he did make enough throws to win."

-Rex Ryan

"In this game you have to understand that nobody is perfect," Jenkins said. "Sometimes things happen. On that play, I made a mistake. My intentions were good. I was trying to get some movement, trying to knock the center back to get some penetration to stop them, and they called me offside.

"It hurts me to talk about it because you don't ever want to feel like something you did helped contribute to your team losing. But right now that's how I feel."

-Kris Jenkins


 New Orleans Saints-New York Jets notebook | New Orleans Saints Central - Times-Pic

"I just saw him scrambling to the left, " Ayodele said. "I was just hustling over there to try to get a sack. But Will Smith beat me to it. I was just hustling to the ball."

-Remi Ayodele

"It wasn't necessarily an aggressive (defensive) call, " Smith said. "It was a base defense call. We brought pressure from the left."

-Will Smith

"I just cherish one game at a time, " said Carney, who had three extra points to go along with his field goal Sunday. "I've been in this position before. It's been a great opportunity to come back here. I'll keep preparing, keep working and see where it takes me."

-John Carney

"Everybody has to find ways to get better, including myself, " Bush said. "It's tough when I'm not playing to my expectations, but the team is more important. Obviously, I'll do my best to play better."

-Reggie Bush

"We have been able to win games completely as a team, " Bush said. "I think that is what is making us really unique right now. We are able to score points from all phases. Today, the defense put up 14 points, which was huge for us."

-Reggie Bush


Recapping the New Orleans Saints' victory over the New York Jets - Times-Pic

"You know,  every time I step out on that field,  I'm going out there to do my best, " Thomas said. "I want to help my team,  whatever it takes,  whether it's offense or special teams. I'm going . . . 110 percent all the time."

-Pierre Thomas

"I thought I was going to be a little rusty, especially last week. I was really sick before the game, " said Thomas, who gained 126 yards at Buffalo last Sunday -- all of them in the second half. "But when I suited up, I said, 'Hey, I've got to play out. I can't worry about it.' I felt great coming into this game. I just had to stay focused and get ready for a tough defense."

-Pierre Thomas

"We knew this was going to be a physical game, and we wanted to be the most physical football team, " Grant said. "We showed the world that we are a physical football team."

-Charles Grant

"We're trying to go down and get points to ice the game, and all of a sudden there's a ball on the ground. And we have to have it. No excuses, " said Brees, who has gone nine consecutive quarters without throwing a touchdown pass after having thrown nine in the first seven quarters. "Maybe it was the right place at the right time, but I did whatever I could to get the ball."

-Drew Brees


 New York Jets can't get airborne against Darren Sharper, Saints' defense - Times-Pic

"Darren is not afraid to make a move on the ball when the opportunity is there, " linebacker Scott Shanle said. "You'd be surprised how many guys see a chance like Darren had and are reluctant to attack the ball. Not Darren. Darren is always in an attack mode,  which is why he has more picks than anyone playing the game today. Attack,  attack is his motto. That's why he fits so well into (defensive coordinator) Gregg Williams' defensive schemes."

-Scott Shanle

"At certain times all quarterbacks know where they're going with the ball, " Sharper said. "He actually did a great job of trying to look off, but you can use reverse psychology when they try to look you off and go the opposite way."

-Darren Sharper

"My first touchdown since high school, " Ayodele said. "I had three as a schoolboy, but that's when I was playing fullback and linebacker in addition to defensive tackle. So, yeah, this is special moment for me."

-Remi Ayodele

"There were times their defense made Mark look like a rookie, " New York Coach Rex Ryan said. "He made some mistakes I'm sure he'd like to have back."

-Rex Ryan

"Sharper read me the entire way, " said Sanchez, who was picked off three times -- twice by Sharper. "He saw my eyes, and I threw it right to him. It was a poor decision and a poor use of my eyes. My mistakes killed us, gave 'em 14 points, on a day our defense played well enough for us to win."

-Mark Sanchez

"We wanted to do our best to stay away from negative plays, " Brees said. "We were in there against a very good defense. My biggest (regret) was not being able to convert a couple of short-yardage situations."

-Drew Brees

"Just look at his production so far, five interceptions, two returned for scores, " Brees said. "This defense allows him to do what he does best, sit back and be the quarterback, jump certain routes. I saw that all training camp long."

-Drew Brees

"The guy's a great quarterback, " Ryan said. "We never really got to him, never got to disrupt him that much. I don't think he was regular Drew Brees today, but he made enough throws to win the game."

-Rex Ryan


New Orleans Saints improve to 4-0 with 24-10 win over New York Jets - Times-Pic

"I can quote Gregg Williams,  it's not about the Xs and Os, " Saints cornerback Jabari Greer said of the first-year defensive coordinator. "It's about players making plays,  and that's what we did. That's what he gives us,  the equipment to go out there and make plays. If we made a statement today,  that was it."

-Jabari Greer

"The Saints outplayed us today. Overall, it was poor performance on our part. We kind of got it handed to us a little bit."

-Rex Ryan

"I don't want to say that he eyed his receivers, " said Sharper, who now has 59 career interceptions and leads the NFL this season with five. "I would say that one of my strengths is reading quarterbacks and knowing where they are trying to throw the football."

-Darren Sharper

"It was a cheap shot, " said Saints middle linebacker Jonathan Vilma, the victim of Sanchez's low blow to the knees. "I don't know why he did it to be honest with you. I hope the NFL will take care of that. We got the points, we got the W, so we'll go from there."

-Jonathan Vilma

"That was huge, " said Ayodele, who has started the past three games for injured starter Kendrick Clancy. "We noticed that (Sanchez) runs around with the ball real loosely in his hands. When I saw it on tape, it was like he must have some big hands the way he runs around with it out there. So we knew if we could get to him we could probably get that ball out."

-Remi Ayodele

"Vilma tried to steal it from me, actually, " Ayodele said. "I didn't know it was him. I thought it was one of the other players. I just snatched it back."

-Remi Ayodele

"Brees didn't make the mistakes I made, " Sanchez said. "My mistakes killed us. Our defense played well enough to win. That game is 10-10 without three interceptions and a fumble, so that's the game right there. "You turn the ball over like that, you just aren't going to win. I just made poor decisions today and that cost us the game."

-Mark Sanchez

"(Sanchez) isn't used to being down, " Ellis said. "From the program that we come from at Southern Cal, we're not used to being down at all.

"That's something he's going to have to learn how to deal with. I think he'll learn that with time, but I think he definitely got rattled. You could see him on their sideline with his head down. It was very visible. One thing I learned is even when you are frustrated and down, you never let the guys on the other sideline see you. That is something he has to learn."

-Sedrick Ellis 


New Orleans Saints playing Sharper defense: Jeff Duncan - Times-Pic

"He's going to have so many balls he might have to sell them back to Wilson when he retires,"

-Silky Powell, Saints equipment manager

"A classic rookie quarterback looking at his receiver, " Sanchez said. "Sharper read me the entire way. He saw my eyes and I threw it right to him."

-Mark Sanchez

"At the end of the day, once pressure's in your face, you're going to go back subconsciously to what you've been doing in the past. All quarterbacks have certain tendencies you can get a read on. . . . One of my strengths is reading quarterbacks and knowing where they're trying to go with the football."

-Darren Sharper

"I'm just excited they picked me and allowed me to play and continue my career, " Sharper said. "It is the perfect situation and the perfect fit."

-Darren Sharper

"He was a great addition, " Brees said. "Obviously, you look at his production here over the first four games, that's pretty impressive. This defense really allows Sharper to do what he does best and that's just to sit back and be the quarterback of the defense. . . . He can just play ball."

-Drew Brees

"It's just been a perfect fit in so many ways, " Saints linebacker Scott Fujita said. "He's a ballhawk in the truest sense of the word. I think he's obsessed with making plays on the ball. That's his whole game. What is it, five interceptions in four games? I've never seen something like that. His anticipation, his breaks, his knowledge of the game; he's just got a knack for making those plays."

-Scott Fujita

"He's been doing this for so long, " Saints cornerback Randall Gay said. "Thirteen years in the league, almost 60 interceptions. You've got to be a guy on top of things to do that."

-Randall Gay

"I think it's more of us believing in our system more, " Gay said. "Gregg came in here and said you're going to believe in this defense or you're not going to be here. And Darren's been a big part of that. When the ball's in the air, he doesn't make the mistakes like me where I drop 'em. He's gonna finish it, and take it to the house."

-Randall Gay


 Defense Missles Ground Jets 24-10 - New Orleans Saints official website

"Give all the credit to our defense," said QB Drew Brees. "We wanted to run the ball effectively, keep our defense on the sideline and manage the ball and not turn it over. We were balanced and did what we needed to do to win the ballgame."

-Drew Brees

"We knew they were a tough and physical defense," said RB Pierre Thomas, who had over 100 yards from scrimmage for the second week in a row. "We matched their intensity and can keep our chins up, we stepped up."

-Pierre Thomas

"I think this is a good fit" Sharper said of his addition to the Saints. "The scheme allows us to make plays. It starts up front with our pass rush and those guys got there four times today and we were bale to make plays. I sensed where he wanted to go with the ball and was able to get a good break on it."

-Darren Sharper


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