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You Can Help Dome Patrol Get Inducted into NFL Hall of Fame

Technically, this is an officially sponsored post that I am obligated to write. However, it's also something I think many Saints fans might actually take interest in, so listen up.

I know we've got a lot of older Saints fans who remember fondly the days of the Dome Patrol and would like nothing more than to see them each inducted into the NFL's Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. It's been a topic of discussion at least once here on Canal Street Chronicles. Unfortunately, the chances are slim right now with only a few spots available each year and many other talented players like Jerry Rice and Emmitt Smith leading the pack. But the fine folks at JC Penney have given you a voice. 

Thanks to the official Van Heusen Fan's Choice vote going on right now, you can cast your vote for Rickey Jackson, Sam Mills and Pat Swilling to be inducted into the Hall. Does the winner of the fan's choice poll automatically get inducted into the Hall of Fame? No, they wouldn't give us that much power. That's left up to the 44-person Board of Selectors - which includes Times-Pic writer Pete Finney - to determine. But they promise to listen and take the poll's results into account. In other words, this is your chance to garner attention for your favorite former Saints players; attention they would likely never get on their own. So start voting!

Right now, Rickey Jackson is currently in 31st place with a paltry 743 votes. Sam Mills is holding down the 48th spot and Pat Swilling sits at 56th. But I don't mean to single out just the Dome Patrol. You can also vote for former offensive lineman Jay Hilgenberg or if you're really feeling frisky, 16-year veteran punter Reggie Roby and cousin of Saints kick returner Courtney Roby

So go vote!

Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging.