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Saints Mid-Season Offensive Player Grades; Jahri Evans Awarded MVP

Below are the Grade Point Averages of each player that's played significant time in the New Orleans Saints' offense through the first eight games of the 2009 season, ordered from highest GPA to lowest:

Jahri Evans 3.29 (8 games graded)

Pierre Thomas 3.22 (6 games graded)

Jeremy Shockey 3.21 (8 games graded)

Heath Evans 3.11 (6 games graded)

Drew Brees 3.09 (8 games graded)

Jonathan Goodwin 3.04 (8 games graded)

Carl Nicks 3.00 (8 games graded)

Mike Bell 2.95 (6 games graded)

Marques Colston 2.92 (8 games graded)

Jon Stinchcomb 2.88 (8 games graded)

Robert Meachem 2.83 (6 games graded)

Jermon Bushrod 2.81 (7 games graded)

Zach Strief 2.52 (7 games graded)

Lance Moore 2.50 (4 games graded)

Reggie Bush 2.42 (8 games graded)

David Thomas 1.89 (5 games graded)

Darnell Dinkins 1.67 (1 game graded)

Kyle Eckel 1.67 (1 game graded)

Below are the number of Offensive Player of the Game awards handed out in my Player Grades posts (note I gave Shockey and Bell a tie one week):

Marques Colston 2

Drew Brees 2

Pierre Thomas 2

Robert Meachem 1

Jeremy Shockey 0.5

Mike Bell 0.5

Based on the numbers alone, I'm choosing Jahri Evans as the Mid-Season Offensive MVP. That might not be the most popular pick but in my estimation, he's performed the most consistently in the eight games of any Saint on the offensive side of the ball. What do you think?

Check back tomorrow for the mid-season defensive and special teams GPA's.