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Key to Beating the Rams: Don't Party too Hard the Night Before

The Rams are awful. They rank DEAD LAST, or 32nd in the NFL, in points scored per game and they are 29th in points given up per game. They don't even average scoring ten points per game, and they average giving up over 27. Granted the 1-7 Rams are fresh off a bye which was preceded by their first win of the year, a 17-10 effort over the lowly Detroit Lions. But this matchup couldn't be much worse for the Rams because the Saints rank first in the league in both offense and points scored per game. On paper, this should be a blow out of epic proportions. But the NFL is a league of parity and they play games like these for a reason. For the Saints the game plan is simple: Don't party too hard the night before.

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Pure and simple, there is almost no way the Saints can lose this game. As hard as they tried to lose against Miami, Atlanta and Carolina in their last three games, playing that badly against the Rams will still probably secure them a three score win. Playing worse than those three games might narrow it to a two score game? Maybe? Seriously, short of 50% of the Saints team's roster treating their Saturday night in St. Louis like a fraternity lord on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras, they will win this game. If the Rams were somehow able to find a way to contaminate the Saints' pregame meals with the H1N1 virus, they'd still lose. You get the idea; the Rams have close to no chance.

But I'm sure they're looking at tape, and I'm sure they've seen what Michael Turner and DeAngelo Williams were able to do to the Saints most recently. Turns out they have a running back of comparable ability in Steven Jackson, so expect him to be worked like a runner on Wall Street. With Jabari Greer out, you might see the Rams target Randall Gay and Malcolm Jenkins on passing plays to keep the Saints honest. But make no mistake, as long as the Rams are in the game, expect Jackson to run the ball over and over and over and over.

On the flipside, pretty much any play the Saints call on offense could work. As long as the Saints execute, don't turn the ball over and avoid penalties they should be able to move the ball at will. A serious hangover could complicate their ability to execute, avoid turnovers and penalties. The Rams' only chance on Sunday is a mammoth game from Jackson behind a shaky offensive line and a hurricane party celebration from the Saints' offense.

My question to you is this: How many beers would Drew Brees need to have the night before to ensure the Saints lose this game?