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New Orleans Saints 28 @ St. Louis Rams 23: The Regaissance

What an crap-filled game. NYSaint summed it all up when he texted me after the game and said, "I've never felt so awful after a win." If a tie is like kissing your sister then being taken down to the final play by the Rams is like a full-on make-out session with your grandmother. Add to that what looked like a serious injury to starting cornerback Tracy Porter and your grandfather might as well be in the room video taping the whole thing. If the Saints play this way against the Bucs next week, there's a good chance they'll lose.

It wasn't all bad, of course. The Regessaince is in full effect and the Saints managed to stay perfect even without a few key players on defense. Still, now we realize just how important Darren Sharper and Jabari Greer really are to this defense. Watching Randall Gay in coverage was giving me Jason David flashbacks.

Right into the bullets:

  • Usama Young got the start in place of Darren Sharper which initially had me a little worried. Turns out Usama has turned into quite the little Mini-Sharper. Young made a nice endzone interception and run back as well as at least one impressive crack on a Rams receiver.
  • Steven Jackson is a beast. As expected, he ran (and caught) all over the Saints defense in the first half. Also as expected, the Saints defense made the necessary adjustments and were able to limit him in the second half. It also doesn't hurt that he's the Rams most used weapon and has just got to be spent by the third quarter.
  • Even the "haters" have to agree...Bush looked good out there. I think it all started against Atlanta. Or maybe it was when he made that leaping touchdown in Miami. Either way, at some point something clicked for Reggie and he's finally adjusted his running style. He runs more aggressive, north/south, and unafraid of contact. It is incredibly noticeable and a breath of fresh air. That change had been evident the past three games and has now peaked with his performance today. I'm calling this dawning of a new Bush - The Regaissance.
  • I don't have a clever catch phrase for the improvements we keep seeing in Robert Meachem but he's in the same boat. Glad to have him on this team and to see him contributing at such a high level.
  • Give it up to David Thomas who also had a great game. He's becoming a go-to-guy during key situations like third down.
  • There were a few questionable game management situations by Payton. The run by Kyle Eckel on fourth down. The pass call on third down late in the game allowed the clock to stop for the Rams.
  • Where do I start with Randall Gay. He's the new Jason David. Let's all hope Jabari Greer is healthy enough to return next week and Tracy Porter isn't done for the season. There is a serious drop-off without them in the lineup. Malcolm Jenkins' back did make a nice pass breakup at the end of the game however.
  • Another less than stellar game from Drew. Two more interceptions give him a season total of nine and continues the current Saints trend of turning the ball over way too much. Ten turnovers in the last three games. It's got to stop. Also, the ball spike on third down wasn't a heads-up play.
  • It's about damn time Courtney Roby took a kickoff return to the house. We have been waiting since Michael Lewis in 2004 to see that happen and since the end of last year to see Roby actually do it. Certainly the spark the Saints needed to pull ahead at the start of the second half.
  • I'm on the DeMario Pressley train. He looked pretty good out there.
  • Colston failed when he tried doing his best Reggie Bush impression by leaping and stretching over the goal line. Probably not the best decision in retrospect. Hopefully Colston is still suffering from the flu because he hasn't looked too hot the last couple of games.
  • Still, a win is a win. Saints are undefeated. Hooray!
  • Be sure to watch the Colts-Patriots game tonight to find out if the Saints can become the only undefeated team remaining in the league.

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