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Jonathan Vilma Speaks About the Brady Quinn Cheap Shot

In week 4's matchup against the Jets, Jonathan Vilma took a low-blow block from Mark Sanchez, for which Sanchez was fined. Now he's speaking out against Brady Quinn's cheap shot on Baltimore's Terrell Suggs last week. Here is what Vilma had to say on his PlayMaker Mobile page last night. 

What bothers me about this play is, for one, Brady Quinn is not a rookie—he's a third year guy. Two, he knows right and wrong, he knows fair and foul play. And three, as much emphasis as there is put on protecting quarterbacks, quarterbacks need to understand they need to do the same thing. There is a reason defensive players can't go low on quarterbacks. Look at Tom Brady. Look what happened to him. So why would you reciprocate and do the same thing if you're the QB? That's what really bothers me.

It's not like Mark Sanchez where it was his fourth game starting and he was a little bewildered and he was just out there. Brady Quinn has been around and he understands right from wrong. He understands fair and foul play. That bothers me. Yeah, Brady Quinn gets fined but that fine isn't going to help the Ravens, it's not gonna help Terrell Suggs get back any quicker, and now they've got to play Peyton Manning this weekend.

Not having Suggs impacts them in so many different ways. Now do they not only miss one of their best pass rushers but they miss one of their best players on defense, period. The guy can stop the run and the pass and you need that against a guy like Peyton Manning, where everyone says "don't blitz Peyton," but you need someone to rush the passer and that was their guy. That's what's especially frustrating. To see that happen, the way it happened, being on the defensive side it really bothers. We have to be really conscious about where and how and how hard we hit a quarterback, and now QBs are just going after defensive players because they're afraid of being blocked, they're afraid of being hit, and that's just not right.

What do you guys think about Vilma's thoughts and words?