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Sunday Morning Saints A/V Club

Even though the Saints don't have a game today, I didn't want to break tradition and mess up the mojo that is the Saints perfect season so far. Bad gris gris. Plus, I know some of you need this post like an addict needs their next fix. So here are all of your audio and video clips from the week. Some interesting ones this time around. 

We'll also be having our usual open game thread this afternoon at 12pm Central for all of us to hang out and talk about whatever game is on in your area. Or maybe a little discussion about the Patriots? Whatever. 


Saints Game Plan


Patriots Today


CBS Sports Preview


This one is definitely interesting. For all the Sci-Fi geeks out there. Ignore the mispelling of Drew Brees' name.


For those of you who need convincing that the Saints are awesome...


And just for the hell of it, here is a video of actor Jerry O'Connell running with his dog. He's wearing a Saints hat. 




Here are you WWL audio clips from earlier in the week. In order they are Robert Meachem/Drew Brees and Gil Santos(voice of the Patriots)/Kristian Garic followed by three clips of The Fan and the Pro.