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Atlanta Falcons 27 @ New Orleans Saints 35: The View from Section 140


This one was a nail-biter. That's me, on the right, making my Monday Night Football debut courtesy of NYSaint. You can catch it for yourself right around the Jonathan Goodwin injury late in the game.

Just a few quick notes because it's very late at night. These ought to get the conversation going. I will let you guys do the rest of the talking. My personal pictures and the game thread roll call are after the jump.

  • My voice is gone. The crowd was raucous and loud. And drunk.
  • Anyone else starting to get worried about how long this is going to last? I'm not trying to be a downer and 7-0 is pretty freakin' sweet but injuries alone might do the Saints in, let alone the usual bad luck.
  • It's a damn good thing the Saints have a secondary they can rely on. Did I just say that? What a difference a year Gregg Williams makes.
  • I think it's time to start having the Garrett Hartley discussion.
  • I found out that my seats are next to WWL media seats.
  • Sloppy play in a lot of areas. The turnovers have got to be cleaned up.
  • David Thomas was announced as the starting fullback. Is that what we're calling him now?
  • Reggie Bush was the only Saints running back not to fumble. Just thought I would throw that out there. He looked good.
  • The Saints pulled out a win with the black pants. And broke the Sports Illustrated curse. Nice.
  • The weak Panthers are next on the schedule. Can the Saints go back to just kicking other teams asses by 21 points. I thought that was kinda fun and certainly less stressful.


The pre-game crowd.


Die-hards getting fans pumped up as they walk into the Dome.


Hair art.


Hispanic television sans the usual scantily clad hot chick.


It will steal your soul.


Hell, it's becoming tradition now.


Fujita was taking notes.

Here's the roll-call. Huge amount of comments. Glad the overflow thread was useful. Thanks to everyone.

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