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Greatest Saints Team Ever?

With their latest win over the Atlanta Falcons on Monday night the Saints climbed to a perfect 7-0, tying their best start in franchise history. With comparisons like these being made, I think it's about time we find an answer to the simple question that's probably been on the back of everyone's mind this year: Is this the greatest Saints team in franchise history?

Since we don't know what the final outcome of this season will be, we can't base our decision on achievement alone. Right now that title belongs to the 2006 team that advanced to the NFC Championship game and the most accomplished squad to date. Let's simply consider talent and assume that will also inevitably lead to at least moderate playoff success.

So is this the most talented team the Saints have ever fielded? Obviously, the 2006 team had a great offense similar to this years and a slightly better-than-average defense. Contrarily, the better teams from the late eighties and early nineties played stout defense but had just mediocre offenses. The 2000 Saints were well-rounded but not necessarily great in enough areas.

This season feels different, however, as the team appears to be blossoming on both sides of the ball. They once again have the best offense in the league but also a defense that creates turnovers, scores points and wins games. All of that has combined to create perfection. Have the Saints shown enough so far this season to prove to you that they're the best ever, regardless of what happens the rest of the year? Or does it all just boil down to getting to the Super Bowl?

I look forward to further discussion. I would definitely like to hear from our older fans who've been following the team since the beginning.