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JC Penny/Van Heusen Fan's Choice: The Final Countdown

Time to pay a couple of bills around here, so pardon the interruption while I give you the latest update on one of our sponsors. 

I told you guys a few weeks ago that you could help get members of the Dome Patrol elected into the Hall of Fame by casting your vote in the JC Penney/Van Heusen Fan's Choice Vote. Well, the list has been cut down to the top 25 and, unfortunately, none of our beloved Saints made the cut. Still, go cast your vote for one of the remaining players and enter for the chance to win a trip to the Super Bowl.

Interestingly enough, eleven of the the fans choices are completely different than the 25 that the official Hall of Fame Selectors decided on. For giggles, the 25 players still in the running in the Fans Choice Vote is after the jump.

1.  Jerry Rice, WR 
2.  Emmitt Smith, RB 
3.  Ray Guy, P 
4.  Tim Brown, WR
5.  Cris Carter, WR 
6.  Shannon Sharpe, TE 
7.  Otho Davis, Contrib. – Athletic Trainer 
8.  Jim Plunkett, QB 
9.  Richard Dent, DL 
10. Lester Hayes, DB 
11. Cliff Branch, WR 
12. Tom Flores, Head Coach 
13. Charles Haley, DL
14. Randall Cunningham, QB 
15. Phil Simms, QB 
16. Todd Christensen, TE
17. Steve Atwater, DB 
18. Andre Reed, WR 
19. Jim Tunney, Contrib. 
20. Joe Theismann, QB 
21. Ed "Too Tall" Jones, DL 
22. Sterling Sharpe, WR
23. John Randle, DL 
24. Steve Tasker, Special Teams 
25. Kevin Greene, LB