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Dallas Cowboys @ New Orleans Saints: Game Predictions

Only three more games left in the 2009 season which means only three more chances to make your three predictions and attempt to be one of our weekly winners. After that, it's playoff prediction time!

We have two winners to announce from our separate prediction results votes this week. In the interest of fairness, I will forgo putting up either of their avatars. Our first winner from last weeks game against the Redskins is whodatone. Here are his three submissions that got him the win. 

1. Brees with at least two TD passes.

2. Shockey gets at least one TD.

3. Sharper has no Int.

Score Prediction: Saints 31-27

Not to be forgotten is our most recent winner from the game against the FalconsRocks. Here is how he won the popular vote.

1) Saints give up at least twice as many passing first downs as rushing first downs
2) Brees zero INTs
3) Roddy White 150 yards receiving

Score Prediction: Saints 27-21

But last week is history and the slate is now clean. Time for all new predictions. You know the deal by now. As always, fans of the Saints opposing team are more than welcome to join in on the prediction fun an try their luck.