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Buccaneers @ Saints: Game Predictions



Come on down and make your three predictions for this weeks Saints game against the Bucs. You know the rules.


Only two weeks left in our regular season edition of game predictions, this being the last of the 2009 year. So that means you've got to make 'em count. 

Let's give a shout out to last weeks winner, bondcrash, whom I believe is our first repeat winner this year. That makes him the man to beat. Congrats go out to him, and just as a reminder, here were the three predictions that drove him to victory. 

1) Lance Moore scores 1+ TD

2) Hartley nails at least a 50+ yarder

3) The two QB’s throw for 600+ yards

Score Prediction: Saints 41-27

So without further ado...Gentlemen, start your predictions.