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Bobby McCray Tells His Side of DUI Arrest via Twitter

Bobby McCray used Twitter - pretty much the first time he's every actually used it - to give his side of the story behind his DUI arrest last night at 4:30 in the morning. I didn't catch this when he first posted it and his account seems to have been shut down and deleted since then, but the Huffington Post has screenshots of his tweets. Here is what he wrote, in it's entirety. 

Trying to deal with this Bogus charge of DWP...driving with Pizza...I had cuffs on me with in 3minutes...This was a short guy with Napoleon complex...He got upset because I asked him why did I need to get out the car on a routine traffic stop...He starving ranting and raving saying I think I know it all and threw me in fiance was feeding me pizza driving home...And he pulled me for doing 80 in a 60...not to mention I was sober...Lawyers mount up, we got some work to do!!!!!    

Regardless of what happened during the incident, probably not the best way to go about handling the situation. Not surprised his account doesn't exist anymore.