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Remembering the 2009 Season

Well Saints fans, another year is in the books. Fortunately, the Saints season isn't over just yet. And while the best part of this amazing journey may still lie ahead in the playoffs, there have been some memorable moments already in the regular season.

I was planning on putting together some sort of top ten list of the greatest plays/moments from the 2009 season thus far but never really had time to get to it. Ralph asked me the very same question on our radio show last night and I figured what a great question to throw out at all of you.

For me, it's probably the Miami and Washington games. They were just magical. But what about you? When you look back on the 2009 season, what do you think will stick out most in your mind, even twenty years from now? Perhaps it was the deal that allowed the Saints to stay in New Orleans or the Unknown Who Dat. Whatever it is, I want to hear it.

Looking forward to your responses in the comment section.