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New Orleans Saints @ Washington Redskins: Chat with the Enemy

Hard to believe it's already time for another one of my interviews with an SB Nation colleague in preparation for the Saints next opponent. The Saints travel to our nation's capitol this weekend so I'm talking with KevinE from Hogs Haven. They've got a decent sized community over there, similar to us I believe so go check them out when you get a chance.

If you've been paying attention to the Redskins this season, you'll know that fans aren't too happy with their team right now. I think it shows in my conversation with KevinE and after reading what he has to say, I also think you'll feel pretty confident about the Saints chances on Sunday. 


CSC: After an exciting and active off-season, the Reskins season thus far has been pretty disappointing. Where did it all go wrong?

HH: Week one. Skins lost their starting Randy Thomas for the year. The problem is, he had double season-ending injuries last year and the Skins did nothing via the draft or free agency to fix that right side. Then they lost Chris Samuels for the year, and likely forever, with a neck injury. Again, we saw this one coming but the front office did not. Zero draft picks on offensive linemen. The Skins have been using players from practice squads as replacements and Campbell is getting murdered. With the complex blitz schemes Gregg Williams runs against these unskilled linemen, Campbell might end up in the ER Sunday afternoon.
CSC: I'm reading this funny post about the Redskins playcalling.It looks like a complete flustercuck. What's going on?

HH: Well, Zorn was not getting the job done and was making very predictable and sometimes bizarre play calls. Vinny Cerrato had enough and stripped the duties from him.

CSC: Give me an example of bizarre.

HH:  Third and one near the goal line and Zorn calls a half-back pass from failed miserably. It was clear then Zorn has no faith in Campbell to get the job done. Or maybe he thinks the NFL is like Madden.

CSC: Wow.
HH: The thing is, Zorn's offensive coordinator who he brought with him from Seattle, Sherman Smith, never had prior experience play-calling either. So Cerrato decided to bring in someone who did have experience...enter Sherman Lewis. The 2-minute drills have been laughable too. When the Skins go to the 2-minute drill, Zorn takes over the play-calling (even now). Yeah, it's bizarre. Either way, the point production has gone up since this "coaching carousel," as Cooley called it, started.

CSC: That is too funny.

HH:  Yeah, Vinny Cerrato is not well liked down here.

CSC: He seems to be a huge focus on Hogs Haven. Is this like an Al Davis type of situation?

HH:  Exactly. Oh man, Hogs Haven is gonna love that quote.

CSC: Should Cerrato stay in the background more? Or leave the country alltogether?

HH:  When's the next space launch?

CSC: I'm guessing not soon enough.

HH:  The Skins won their three Super Bowls behind an amazing offensive line. Arguably the best of all time. And he refuses to use draft picks on them. Not only that., he hired a West Coast Offense coach to run the team Joe Gibbs left, which was a power, run-first offense. Makes no sense. Plus, who hires an offensive coordinator before hiring a head coach? For that reason, no one wanted the job and they promoted Zorn, who had never held a position higher than quarterback coach before. And it clearly shows. No one hates Zorn here, he's just in over his head.

CSC:  So Albert Haynesworth will be returning to action this Sunday. Should the Saints stick to passing the ball?

HH:  Well, the Saints success is running on the outside anyway, so stick with that. The Skins tackling is atrocious in their secondary. But yes, you will not gain a single yard up the middle the plays he is in.

CSC:  With all the injuries the Redskins have suffered this season, you said the team has had to find a lot of unknown talent to replace players. One of two of these new players must have pleasantly surprised fans. No?

HH: That's tough when you're still losing. Rock Cartwright has been great. He's been a staple leader and special teams hero this decade and now that he's finally got his chance to start at running back, he's really making plays.
Justin Tryon is one of the Skins young corners we're hoping can be great, and he had an interception last week.

CSC:  Is there anyone left on the Redskins staff that would know a little something about Williams' scheme and might have an answer for it?

HH: Oh man...everyone. All the players were talking about it the other day after practice. London Fletcher has been with Gregg Williams most of his career in Buffalo and Washington. Jason Campbell went against it everyday in practice all those years. Smoot said he owed his whole career to Gregg. 
CSC:  Should this be cause for concern for Saints fans?

HH: I don't think so. The offensive line is horrible. Campbell is getting sacked on 3-foot drops. Seriously.

CSC: Want to make a prediction for the game?

HH:  Sure... 27-19 Saints.