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More Cuts May Loom for the Saints

With the release of wide receiver David Patten yesterday, the off-season has started to kick into high gear and this is only just beginning. In fact, the Sun Herald warns us that more cuts may still be on the way.

With that in mind, I put together a list of players we should all keep our eyes on because they may be in danger of getting cut or will at least need to restructure their contracts.

Player Position 2009 Cap Value Analysis
Deuce McAllister RB $7.3 Million With Deuce's contract counting so much against the cap next season, cutting him loose is probably the most likely scenario. He's got no signing bonus on record, which means cutting him shouldn't cost the Saints too much.
Hollis Thomas DT $1.4 Million The DT spot is pretty crowded and as much as I hate to say it, this loud-mouthed teddy bear might not be with us anymore.
Mike McKenzie
$6 Million
McKenzie is now coming off of two consecutive knee injuries and his salary counts big time against the cap this year. He's the Saints' best cornerback but if he can't keep up I like the idea of trying him out at safety. Gotta be better than Bullocks. A restructuring might be likely here.
Mark Brunell QB $1.8 Million If the Saints are feeling lucky they could get rid of Brunell and hope Brees never gets injured.
Brian Young
$3.7Million In a perfect world the aging, oft-injured defensive lineman would just retire and call it a career. It's definitely a possibility. If he doesn't, it may be too expensive to just cut him so renegotiating might be a more likely possibility.
Jason David
$2.8 Million Cutting David might be more of a personal wish than a real possibility but again, he's got no signing bonus to pay out and there is just no way he is a big part of next years defense.