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How Deep is Your Love? Is Your Love...How Deep is Your Love?


CSC would like to take this time to wish everyone a happy Valentines day. I'm sure all of you have loved ones in your life that, at least for today, you plan on showing just how much you care. But my question to you guys today is, "How much do you love the Saints?" I want to know what crazy things you guys have done all in the name of Who Dat. Maybe you get dressed up in a crazy Saints costume every Sunday. Or it might be the fact that you haven't missed a game since 1967. Perhaps Lance Moore has a restraining order against you. Whatever you do that shows your love of the black and gold we want to hear it. And most importantly we want to know why you torment yourself like this every year!

For me personally, I think my maintenance of this here website ought to be enough proof of my love and passion for the New Orleans Saints football club. It ain't easy coming up with clever and new ways to consistently insult Josh Bullocks. I love the game of football because of its amazing complexity and chess-like strategy, played only by the most amazingly talented athletes at such a high speed. But I love the Saints because I've always needed a challenge.

And for any of our readers in the New Orleans area, I will be riding in the Krewe of Caesar parade tonight in Metairie. If your in the neighborhood come on out and have a little Mardi Gras fun. I will be on the title float, neutral ground side. Anyone with a Canal Street Street Chronicles poster will be rewarded handsomely. With cheap plastic beads that is.