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Where Y'at CSC!?



In todays society fads and trends Swiffer the nation on a regular basis. And as an ever growing part of that society, the wild frontier that is the blogosphere is no different. It would seem the cool thing for bloggers here on SB Nation to do these days is to find out where all their readers live. Arrowhead PrideMile High Report and The Falcoholic have all taken a demographic inventory and as my regular viewing of American Idol would prove, I am not too cool to follow the crowd.

You all know where I live so it's time to find out where all of our CSC readers come from. Consider this a roll call of sorts. In the comments section please put your city/state, or for our international readers put your city/country, in the subject line. Then feel free to give us any other details or info you'd like to share in the subject portion of your comment. Keeping it in this format will make it easy for me to calculate the responses. I'm also hoping this will spark some discussion among our members and allow everyone to get to know each other better. Finally, I'd like to point out that this is a great chance for long-time lurkers to finally speak up and let us all know your out there.

So CSC...where y'at!?