A Heretical Draft Thought

Perusing the web today in search of draft information, I came across Rob Rang's mock on CBS Sports. He has Mark Sanchez dropping all the way past New Orleans to Chicago at #18. Even more alarming, he has Sanchez ranked as a prospect at...14. That got me thinking...

I did some poking around and discovered that it's not at all a consensus that Sanchez will be taken ahead of the Saints' pick--even though at least one blog post I've read claims that he's the can't-miss prospect of this entire draft. And quarterbacks are usually considered to be the most valuable first-round choices. So...

What if the Saints choose Sanchez?

Some of us here on CSC have been advocating that Harrington be cut, and a new "project" at quarterback be adopted by Payton. But what if the Saints' pick comes up, and Sanchez is still there, and PayLoo believe that he's the top-rated player still on the board? What would all the "take the best player" draftniks think then if the Saints spend their first-round choice on a quarterback?

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