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Where Y'at CSC!?: Initial Results

First of all, big thank you to tlozwarlock of our enemy blog, The Falcoholic. He is responsible for these awesome graph thingamjiggy's. Maybe Falcon fans aren't so bad after all. Just Kidding...they suck. Just kidding, they're okay. Just kidding. Just kidding.

We had a pretty good turnout for our first time around. I entered a total of 36 members into our database, myself included. Readers come from a total of 17 different states and, not surprisingly, most of them are in the Southeast region.

I will take another location roll call in the near future to gather info from new readers or any readers who didn't chime in this first time around. And now, your results.


Region Percentages
Northeast 11.1%
Southeast 47.2%
Southwest 8.3%
Midwest 13.9%
West 5.6%


 Percentage  State  Percentage
Alabama 8.3% Connecticut 0.0%
Arkansas 0.0% Maine 0.0%
Florida 0.0% Massachusetts 0.0%
Georgia 0.0% New Hampshire 2.8%
Kentucky 2.8% Rhode Island 0.0%
Louisiana 22.2% Vermont 0.0%
Mississippi 5.6% Delaware 0.0%
North Carolina 2.8% Maryland 0.0%
South Carolina 0.0% New Jersey 5.6%
Tennessee 0.0% New York 2.8%
Virginia 5.6% Pennsylvania 0.0%
West Virginia 0.0% Colorado 0.0%
Illinois 0.0% Idaho 0.0%
Indiana 2.8% Montana 0.0%
Iowa 0.0% Nevada 0.0%
Kansas 5.6% Utah 0.0%
Michigan 0.0% Wyoming 0.0%
Minnesota 0.0% Alaska 0.0%
Missouri 2.8% California 2.8%
Nebraska 0.0% Hawaii 0.0%
North Dakota 0.0% Oregon 0.0%
Ohio 2.8% Washington 2.8%
South Dakota 0.0% Arizona 0.0%
Wisconsin 0.0% New Mexico 2.8%
Oklahoma 0.0% Texas 5.6%


International %
Europe 40.0%
Canada 60.0%

*We had five readers from outside the states respond.


For the more visual learners, here is what it looks like in pie form.



 Thanks to everyone who participated up to this point. Are there any surprises in this data or is this pretty much what you expected?