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Have the Saints Seen the Last of Mark "Shaken Up on the Play" Campbell?

Just got this little juicy tidbit of information in my email this morning. Apparently, the NFL Networks Scott Hanson says Mark Campbell might be calling it quits.

NFL Network’s Scott Hanson reports that former New Orleans Saints TE Mark Campbell is leaning toward retirement, but he’s willing to return for an 11th NFL season if “the right situation” comes along.

First of all Hanson uses the word "former." That's harsh. I hate to say it but I think Campbell's time with the Saints has come to an end. Shockey still has to prove himself, Billy Miller played awesome last year, the team doesn't have too much money to spend and the money it does have would better go toward defensive free agents. Mark may be waiting for the "right situation" but I don't expect he will find it in New Orleans.