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Official Canal Street Chronicles T-Shirt Election

I was hoping to get more feedback about this the first time around but things didn't go as well as expected. I blame myself. So let's try it again.

We've got four winners from our various contests last year (Stujo4, asaint, Satchmo26 and SaintsDynasty) which means they get free t-shirts (ooooohs and aaaaaaaahhs). I figured it would be more fun to let you guys come up with a design. Participation was a little light so I've changed the plan of attack.

First, I have changed the prize from a polo shirt to just a t-shirt. It will be black. The lettering will be gold. Below are three design ideas I've collected over the course of recent time. Your job is to pick your favorite. I would like everyone to vote, not just the winners. This will be the official t-shirt for CSC and should any of you ever win a contest on Da Chronic in the future, you will be forced to wear one. Choose wisely. The winning design will be used on the front of the shirt and CSC's web address will adorn the back. As always, other suggestions are welcome in the comment section and minor adjustments to the designs below are acceptable upon a majority approval.

Also, I have only received addresses and t-shirt sizes from two of the winners. The other two winners (you know who you are) still need to give me that information if they want to get in on the action.

Option 1


Option 2


Option 3