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Saints Free Agent Review - Special Teams

Special Teams

Player Position Years Exp. FA Status Comment
Garrett Hartley

This kid is a lock to make the team next year. The Saints will get a cheap deal on Hartley because he's an exclusive rights free agent. This should be the end of the Saints kicking woes.

CSC says: Keep him!

Player Position Years Exp. FA Status Comment
Martin Gramatica

We've seen the last of Martin. Gramatica will be free to look for a new home come the start of the free agency period. He's certainly notwanted needed here. Good luck to him and all his endeavors. It's been real.

CSC says: See ya!

Player Position Years Exp. FA Status Comment
Courtney Roby

I'm actually a big fan of Pierre Thomas returning kickoffs but when Roby was signed and filled in for Thomas, I thought he did a pretty darn good job. In fact, I would have put good money on Courtney breaking one for a touchdown. He never did but he was still impressive last season. If it doesn't cost too much it's definitely worth keeping him around.

CSC says: Keep him!