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Canal Street Chronicles Public Service Announcement

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Yesterday, I received a letter from the New Orleans Saints organization in the mail. I had just paid my deposit for my season tickets so I knew it was too early for them to be asking me for more money. I had only one guess as to why this letter was now sitting in my hands and I was hoping that assumption was correct. Upon opening the letter and reading the invoice inside, my dreams were realized; my season ticket upgrade request had been granted!

Those of you who've been reading CSC for a while now should be quite familiar with my write-ups immediately following home games called "The View from Section 108." Well, starting next season the "View from Section 108" posts you've all come to know and love will now be called "The View from Section 140."

What does this mean for you? Absolutely nothing. You're still gonna get the same great post-game coverage you're used to. As for me, I will have a much better view of the Saints' mediocre play and under-achieving performances. Yay!